Google Map Understands the Sensitivity of Border Line

Recently google has redrawn the world border and now the borderline is different for viewers. The google map has incorporated an intelligence feature that shows border with respect to the political philosophy of a country.

Google Map Understand the Sensitivity of Border Line

Border of Kashmir

If a person looks for the borderline of Kashmir from outside of India than it will appear in the dotted line. This conveys the meaning of a disputed area. As reported by the Washington Post.

“the borders on Google’s online maps display Kashmir as fully under Indian control. Elsewhere, users see the region’s snaking outlines as a dotted line, acknowledging the dispute”.

Particularly, If someone tries to view the border of Kashmir from Pakistan than google map will show that it is a disputed area. This policy of fairness basically shows what people of that country want to see or what their government claims are.

Google Map Understand the Sensitivity of Border Line

A Google spokesperson said:

“Google has a consistent and global policy to depict disputed regions and features fairly, showing claims made by the disputed or claiming nations on its global domain”.

Google Fairness Policy

By adhering to this policy of fairness google does not become a part to any right or wrong which is mainly dependent on the region you are in. So in this way google now will able to cater the needs of its viewer better than before. Google officials are of the opinion that through this intelligence feature. Google maps could provide better and more update accurate knowledge to its users. As per a post, it was explained that from Argentina to UK to Iran the border which is shown by Google map vary from the viewers and it depends on the geographic location you are living. This is because Google and mapmakers, they simply change the dynamic of the map, subject to indigenous political philosophy.

Mission of Google

The mission of Google Corporation is to cover the entire world.  Now with this adoption of borders with respect to the perception of the viewer. In a particular region might add towards a positive image of google service than before. Nevertheless, it is expected to have a significant impact on map users. Because almost 80% of the market share in the mobile maps is captured by Google Corporation.

Borders and religious matters are very sensitive issues and it can have severe consequences for Google Corporation. Moreover, with the passage of time google map service has learned a lot. That is why the decision related to the border are shrouded in secrecy and even those who actively take part in its management at the web are also not aware of its dynamic. As it was reported in a post related to google map service:

“It is influenced not just by history and local laws, but also the shifting whims of diplomats, policymakers and its own executives,” the report quoted as saying people familiar with the matter on the condition of anonymity.

Perhaps it’s the mindfulness of Google Corporation to generate such a product which cater the need of its customer. Which led Google to be one of the best map service in the world in just a decade and a half.

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