Google Map Service Offers Above 36 Million Square Miles of Satellite Image

Google Map Service:

Google corporation is offering the service of google map. The map service are street view, aerial photographs, real time traffic condition and plans of routes for commuters etc.

Senior Product Manager at Google:

As, a senior product manager for Google Maps, Thomas Escobar stated.

While these stunning photos show us parts of the world we may never get a chance to visit, they also help Google Maps accurately model a world that is changing each day

Google map service offering above 36 million square miles.

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Above a decade ago. The street view concept was started by google whose aim is to map the entire world. Accordingly, google collects images using a fleet of street view cars which are equipped with nine cameras and it capture images from various vantage point.

Senior Product Manager at Google:

It was further added by Thomas Escobar:

“These cameras are athermal, meaning that they are designed to handle extreme temperatures without changing focus so they can function in a range of environments,”

Each of the car has its own sensors. Sensors use laser to measure the distance but there are also backpacks to collect images. Backpack capture images from difficult places. Where it is not possible to drive car. Often backpacks are  carried via camel, sheep, boats and scout troopers etc. Google uses these means to capture high resolution images.

Google Map Offers Above 36 Million Square Miles Of High Resolution Satellite Images
Google cam capturing high resolution images.
Google Map Offers above 36 Million Square Miles of High Resolution Satellite Images
Scout troopers using google cam for high resolution images.

In this year street view images have helped the google to give address to almost 7 million new buildings in countries like Myanmar, Lebanon, Armenia and Zimbabwe. After collecting high resolution images form car camera and backpacks, google uses a method known as photogrammetry to stitch and align images of a building into a single set.  As stated by Google:

“These images show us critically important details about an area-things like roads, lane markings, buildings and rivers, along with the precise distance between each of these objects. All of this information is gathered without ever needing to set foot in the location itself”.

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