Google Instant Search Guide

Do you know? What is the Google instant search and what are their advantages for Google users. 80% of the users of internet are using Google search engine to getting their expecting results. 8 September 2010 Google announced Google instant search on his Google official blog.

What is Google Instant Search?

Google said that Google instant is faster than your typing speed, which is incredible. Google move his HTML static page into AJAX application to improve his searching tactics.

According to survey 70% of Google users still not acquainted with Google instant search feature. Google engineer’s design this Google instant search for user convince and another reason is feature extending which is necessary part of every company product or services.

There are several interesting characteristics of this Google instant search.

Relevancy: If you are typing any keyword let suppose “How to blog” then relevant results will be appeared under drop down automatically.

Google Instant Search Guide demo

Predictions/forecast: Google algorithms and technologies predict or can estimate your perceptions thus, show similar results under this instant search. When you stop typing then result different under instant search than you continue typing again.

Rapid Reaction: Google instant search is quick and responsive from every preservative. Google engineers said, “Instant search is faster than your typing speed in Google search box“.

Interesting thing about this instant search is that, this Google feature will work on almost browser’s includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and further so on. Another fact is that, this instant search will be different with your geographies locations. So that’s means Google rolling his instant search according to country searching trends.

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Note: Sometimes Google instant search will not be available or will not work due to your low internet connection or speed. Because it works incredible with fast internet connection.

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