Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking

Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag:

Yes its true, Google doesn’t use keywords meta tag in web search ranking. After 2009, Google decided to get rid out of this shit and now the story of keywords meta tags has been terminated. Keywords meta tag was an important factor of Search engine optimization. Google follow the user feedback, and change his algorithms according to people’s choice. Google explained this change in his words. Suppose two website owners Alice and Bob. Alice running a company name as  AliceCo and Bob running a company name as BobCo. One day while looking at Bob site, Alice find something strange, Bob copied few keywords that, She uses in her meta keywords. Alice now should be anxious because both are using same keywords. Now How search engine distinguish among both owners, who entered these keywords first ?

Secondly, Which site will get rank on the behalf of these keywords ? These questions were arise there. To avoid these redundant questions and solve the ranking problems, Google taken this decision on the behalf of user feedback. Then 21 September 2009 Google engineers terminate keywords meta tags in the search engine history. Google update this news on his Google webmaster central blog that, Google doesn’t use keywords meta tag in web ranking. Now keywords meta tags no longer supported to search engines.

Is keywords Meta-tags harmful for site future ?

No, It is not harmful for a site but not recommended. Yet, Google terminate this option but other popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and AOL using keywords meta tag in web ranking.

How can we see keywords meta tags:

It’s not like eating hot chili, easiest and straight forward method is Goto any specific page and press CLT + U then you will come on the source page. Next, Find below meta tag line.

<meta name="Keywords" Content="Example,Demo,Sample">

Above given code is represents keyword meta tags and understandable for search engine crawlers.

By summarize the all aspects, Now you can understand the need of meta keyword inside search engines. Don’t miss this secret that 5 Things that will improve organic Seo. For more help, regard ranking factors, So you can leave your comment. 😉

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