Google Analytics By Yoast Plugin Configuration

Google Analytics by Yoast is a powerful WordPress Plugin. Yoast also serve his services all around the world. Yoast introduce his tracking plugin for blogger and website owners. Yoast Google analytic plugin have multiple and beneficial features. Earlier I was wrote a post on that, Add Google Analytics code in WordPress manually without using plugin. I will clear your doubt because plugins have many benefits instead of manually method.

Google Analytics By Yoast Settings

Google Analytics by Yoast is one of the popular and magnificent plugin for tracking purpose. Because it tracks you website all traffic even your site PDF downloads and specially particular label like download link and affiliate links etc. That’s means, This plugin is capable to track your site outbound link and also comments external links.

Google Analytics By Yoast Installation:

First you need to download Yoast plugin package. You can find it through you WordPress dashboard option name is Plugins >> Add New and type in the search box Google analytics by Yoast. Just install it on your WordPress and activate it quickly. After activate this plugin, It will look like this below image on WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics By Yoast

In the above image, We describe the whole process of configuration and settings of Yoast plugin. After installed plugin in your WordPress. Goto inside plugin setting and Click On >> Re-authentication Button. A pop up will open and demand for connection between your analytic account and plugin. Then Log in to your Google analytics account and simply accept it. After this procedure, Now WordPress has been linked successfully with your analytic account. This method is little bit different with other manual method.

Configure Google Analytics By Yoast:

Settings of Google analytics by Yoast is next essential procedure. You can check and allow outbound-links and download links to track  it. Also allow anonymous data and check it.  I personally like ignore user option because it will ignore site authors, administrator, editor etc. See the below configuration of this option.

Google Analytics By Yoast

You can clearly see the above image and analyze the benefit of this valuable option. Because some blogger want pure traffic statistics in his analytic account so this option ignore user will help to exclude your traffic. You can avail benefit from it. Go ahead to next finest option of Google Analytics by Yoast. Yoast Analytics plugins also allows to track your site download links and get authentic report in your Google analytic account. See the below image to understand in beer way.

Google Analytics By Yoast

You can track those labels like affiliate links, outbound links inside articles etc. See the below configuration in the image.

Google Analytics By Yoast

All features inside this plugin really work effectively. You can adopt the above settings and configuration. Keep remember that, You will  find download and outbound link track data on Google analytic account under Behavior >> Events. Data will be categorize by  clicks action, labels and out bound link. Must recommend you to install this plugin and avail  benefit from it. This plugin will make you able to track your site in-depth. Hopefully, Now your doubt has been solved. You can further discuss on this plugin in comment box. 🙂

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