Google AdSense Account Requirement Guide

Google AdSense Requirements:

The Google AdSense is now became the source of income of mostly bloggers and site owners. The prominent reason behind this secret is that, Google AdSense pay high on per click with high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates, instead of than other companies. But it is not like a piece of cake, There is some Google AdSense requirements or Term and Condition  to obey them and get triumph on Google AdSense account. Here we will disclose to Google Adsense requirements for blogs and websites.

Google Adsense Requirements

Google AdSense won’t approve any site on instant basis. They will inspect and perusal your site and after review procedure, they will inform the applicant on his email, which they used during filling application.

The entire procedure will take approximately a week. During this week or procedure Google AdSense team will review the entire site and analyze the each factor on your site.

Google AdSense Requirements:

As we mentioned in above line, Google have the term and conditions (TOS) to achieve the AdSense account.So, We need to comply the TOS or requirements of AdSense account. Google AdSense term and conditions consist on appropriate and authentic factors. We just need to compare it with own site factors. Let see the following AdSense requirements and term and condition are respectively.

  • You need to get [Dot]com domain for business or commercial purpose. Google highly recommend professional domain names not third-party domain names like (eg. Commercial domain names looks charm and fascinated to advertisers that you are sincere in your online business.
  • Google AdSense only accept the applications, Those applicant are the minimum 18 years old. If you are not older than 18, then try to apply with your father and siblings reference.
  • High site traffic is one of the magnificent factor or reason of AdSense approval. You site should have a minimum 300 – 400 visitors/Per day for instant approval. If you have USA, UK, Canada visitors on site then approval chance would be increased.
  • You site have the minimum 40 -50 post at the time of applying AdSense account.
  • Your site should be at least 6 month older. That is why, because they want to check you interest among your site and you. Advertiser always gives preference of old sites, because these are trusted and sincere in his commercial business.
  • Your site content should be optimized and unique. Don’t try to copy paste work on your site because it is prohibited and search engines don’t allow it.Because it will drowning your site future. Therefore, try to write unique and valuable content.
  • Beware to illegal adult content and further avoid with all Intoxicating things content writing.
  • Before applying AdSense must create these pages on your site, Privacy policy, Contact us and Disclaimer.
  • You should sign up on Google Analytic account and Google Webmaster account before applying AdSense .
  • Concentrate on website xml sitemap and Robots.txt file because both are important SEO factors and necessary for AdSense approval.


Majority of newbies, which have no patience and get rid of Google AdSense requirements process. They try to adopt short-term way. They can get this account, initially it will work marvelous without any issue or error but when Google AdSense team will check/review your account again then they will permanent banned your account. So be professional not be a spammer.

If you comply and recognize above all given requirements then easily can get Adsense approved account in a single week. After getting this achievement, It is you responsibility to insert your AdSense  ads on your site better place, where you can get maximum clicks. We would suggest you, to read Best place for ads placement on website for finest revenue. If you want further assistance relevant to Google AdSense then discuss it below. 🙂

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Saif Ullah
9 years ago

i applied twiced and got approval second time this whole process took my 8 days only , your tips really helped me in getting approval for adsense, now what do you suggest and how can i keep my website safe from click bombing snd how to keep my adsense acccount safe from suspension what exactly i ll have to do to make google not to suspend my account cause i have heard somewhere they suspend your account without any specific reason but obviously they find some reason to suspend so they do right ???so any tips it will be appreciated… Read more »