How Google Access the Authority of Web Pages

Google authority system is a systemic procedure Google our favorite search engine has a series of signals which evaluate the authority of webpage in a systemic manner. It is not an individual step but a variety of  procedures and methods that are not fixed. These are the variable measures which depends upon the problems and queries.

Page Rank Historic Authority Basis:

If we have a look on the background and history of Google it depends upon a single and individual authority based which is called Page Bank.  The page bank was depending upon the links related to pages. Google make evaluation and analyzed links calculation and in this way made determine page Rank score of web pages.

Page Rank is a step of Google overall ranking algorithm. Google also check the authenticity of links. It is not necessary that a web page with more links required high authority, but the web page which is important required higher rate of authority although it has few links, means number of links is not a measure of calculation for authority procedure. It may happened that a web page have few links but required a great rate of authority due to complexity of web page

If we analyzed the ranking system of Google search results then it does not depends upon the high page rank and high authority. The ranking system is a set of procedures having all factors and facts to understand.

Google Ranking System:

Now a day if we talk about the overall ranking system of signals then links and words of content have great impact. Google have more than two hundreds signals for ranking procedures, and these all signals having a series of authority, not depends upon the individual authority factor.

Google has its own system of artificial intelligence called Google Rank Brain system is very prominent factor in this regard. Feedback system is also used to improve the ranking system low quality pages are under consideration to innovate the overall ranking system. This system is very effective to take necessary actions to increase the efficiency of ranking system and a source to determine the planning and actions required to improve the quality measures and become a symbol to turn good to best. Google used a variety of series of signals for its search

According to Paul Haahr  (An engineer of search quality)

We have no one signal that we’ll say, ‘This is authority.’ We have a whole bunch of things that we hope together help increase the amount of authority in our results,

Google greatly take serious actions to enhance the quality of search results as according to words of Haahr

Our goal in all of this is that we are increasing the quality of the pages that we show to users. Some of our signals are correlated with these notions of quality

Per-page basis of Authority:

Google analyzed the authority on the basis of per page that every page is under consideration and evaluation for the purpose of ranking system. Famous pages are not the basis of ranking system that popular sites are not the measure of ranking system. But every single page is considered for this purpose of authority and this is the whole phenomenon of considering all actions needed for the web page authority.

Sitewide Signals:

What happened when two separate pages with equivalent contents? In this situation Site wide signals    helped in this regard. In this situation contents of web page used its own system of signals depends upon the query.

So Google have a fantastic system of authority which depends upon the bunch of signals which make the overall ranking system.

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