Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

In this fast-paced knowledge era. Technological innovations are taking place faster than before. One possible reason is ever-rising competition in most of the business fields. Which is why almost all organizations have given top priority for innovation. The Deloitte has indicated the goal of innovation was among the top six priorities of the 96% of corporations.

Benefits of Drones Technology

With this rapid change in technology. It demands other parts of society to evolve. Either to support the positives or to condemn/ban the negative aspects of technological innovation. There are severe consequences of technology usage. If, not dealt in a formal way. For example, the unfortunate death of Eric Garner in the USA when a police officer attempted to arrest him against an illegal act. This attempt was recorded on mobile by an onlooker and shared on social media. This act of a bystander later shaped into a racial protest against police and a jury member for not indicting the police officer.

Few Essential Paybacks of Drones.

Lack of Laws and Regulation for New Technologies

Developed countries like United State of America, United Kingdom and Germany. They often have laws and regulations to govern new technological products but this is not always true for underdeveloped countries. The laws and regulations to govern drone flying are rarely found in 3rd world countries. Often underdeveloped countries have no specific regulations for drone flying, what so ever. Accordingly, in the subsequent parts of this essay, we will discuss laws and regulations related to drone flying in case, it exists in Pakistan along with its essential benefits.

Undoubtedly, among underdeveloped countries like Chad and Sudan. Pakistan has the potential to improve its information and technology sector for which its government is continuously striving and it is expected that in near future information and technology sector of Pakistan will improve its global ranking. Accordingly, the promulgation of laws and regulations for the administration of drones could be considered as a positive step of Pakistan towards digitization and also, it might contribute towards the overall technology ranking of Pakistan.

Paybacks of Drones for Pakistan

Prevailing Guidelines and Essential Benefits for Drone Flying in Pakistan

Unfortunately, to date, as per our best of the knowledge. There is not any specific law prevailing in the country. Which either prohibits or allows the use of drones. So, more detailed questions about drone’s usage at various places in Pakistan and for different purposes are technically impossible to answer. Although, in the past few months. The Government of Punjab has used its authority under the code of criminal procedure to provisionally ban the unnamed aerial drone. It is a healthy omen but much more is needed instead of just taking short term measures. Because this drone technology in the future can prove beneficial for Pakistan in a number of different ways.

A few essential benefits of drones flying are as follows.

  • This technology can be used by Pakistan postal service to deliver the post especially, for the places where infrastructure is very poor.
  • Drones can be used by retail stores in Pakistan for product delivery.
  • Drones can be used to provide the initial rescue service.
  • This technology can be used to gather data about wildlife.
  • Drones can be used by Pakistan police to control the crime.
  • The drone can be used by the Government of Pakistan to assist farmers in village areas by continuously monitoring their crops and then providing them timely feedback.
  • More accurate weather forecasts can be made by using drones.
  • Traffic pollution can be reduced using drones.

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

Essential Benefits of Drones Flying Guidelines

The government of Pakistan should formulate specific laws to regulate drone usage for public and commercial purposes. These specific laws related to drones can be helpful for the government and other members of society in several ways, some of the essential benefits of drones flying guides are as follows.

  • Restrict the movement of drones in areas like near airports, in public parks and private houses.
  • Limit the height of drone flying.
  • Revenue generation for government by issuing licenses for drones.
  • Offer clear guidelines for new businesses that are planning to use drones in their delivery and packing process.
  • An effective guide for drone users to administer their surveillance.
  • Guide for media and others about coverage of personal and public events.

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

Given the importance of drone technology and its future prospect for economy and society, in the shape of delivery of goods, rescue service and weather forecasting etc. It is highly vital for Government of Pakistan to form official guidelines for drone flying so that individual or organizations who wants to use this technology should be aware of his and others rights.

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