Facebook Safety Check Feature

In recent months, Facebook released his most stunning and functional features namely Facebook safety check.

Facebook Safety Check:

This features will notify you and your family loved ones and friends during disaster like earthquake, storm, tornado etc. Every Facebook account holder can see or avail this safety check free of cost same as before.

Facebook Safety Check Feature

Facebook introduce this safety check features after Nepal earthquake 25 April 2015.

Recently on 26 Oct 2015 7.5 magnitude earthquake happened near at Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and they also affected with earthquake, then Facebook safety check feature played his role efficiently to keep near family loved ones and friends.

Facebook Safety Check Feature Afghanistan Earthquake

On that same day, this feature came in front of as a Facebook notification and asked me that you are safe with that natural calamity. Fortunately I was Good on that time then I checked that I’m safe from that disaster, after say that you are safe, then this notification will be sent to your all Facebook friends whether they are online or not. Thus, you declared that you are now in safe condition, if your family relation or friends is associate or include in your friend list then they will definitely get satisfaction with this status. Your all Facebook friends can see your status in these calamities, act of god and also can post their comment or like your status.

Facebook team says, this features is quite easy and user-friendly, in other words three steps solution, which can give you tentative peace.

  • Check Notification
  • Say You are Safe
  • Check on others

Facebook Safety Check Feature process

Facebook always thinks about customer satisfaction and convenience. Facebook get’s lot of positive feedback from their user’s about safety check feature, which is appreciate able. Facebook team says, they will introduce many more convenient functional tools with the passage of time for user convenience.

Let us know, if you find this tool and news useful for your information. If you want more discussion on that news so may join us via community forum or leave your comment below.

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