Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review

Yesterday I spend more than $25 on Facebook post engagement to test its results and reaches. I spend these bucks to know about Facebook ads estimation and their outcomes. I ever heard that Facebook ads are cheap but never experienced due to lake of time. From recent two days we were experiencing Facebook post engagement results and outcomes, now which I want to share with my every blog reader or visitor.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review:

Facebook have different ads or campaigns objectives or strategies such as Page likes, Post Engagements, website clicks etc. Facebook campaign revenue depends on the way from which you configured or setup your campaign. By the way, that is another scenario.

What Facebook Ads Are Cheap?

I decided to run all possible ads objectives to find out the actual and best outcome. That which one suitable, effective and cheap. Let’s see below, what I found after the run a campaign of objective page likes.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Page Likes

Above image clearly expressing many things, per page like cost $0.19 and after 9 page likes then total amount spent $1.75 which is costly because we are targeting only one country (Pakistan) in this campaign. Mostly Asian countries likes are cheap like Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh etc. But 0.19/per page like is costly because in $0.19 approx 20 post engagement (Likes,shares and comment + Page Likes) can be possible without any doubt. I did that personally, which I said.

Let’s see the review of post engagement ad objectives and their outcomes for better understanding.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Post engagement

Above image showing splendid results of Facebook ad objective post engagement. 5,059 post engagement (Post Likes, Shares and Comments plus Page Likes) each post engagement price value is $0.03 – $0.002, which is much excited and fair deal from advertising perspective. Above post got 10k+ reaches or impressions only in $13 cost.

I spend approx $13 on the above post engagement and 10k+ folks watch my ad or campaign live. I got many website visitors approx 430+ website clicks or traffic redirected on product page to generate sales.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Post engagement website clicks

Can you imagine? 434 website visitors + post likes+ shares + comments + Page Likes (Additional benefit with no cost) = Only in $13 of Post Engagement campaign. Post engagement comes with additional advantages with in cheap price unlike Page likes campaign is vice versa.

Even website clicks are also expensive instead of post engagement, according to my experiments each website click for Pakistan country estimation would be approx $0.03 – $0.01, but sometimes there prices increase very fast due to advertiser bidding fluctuation.

Hopefully, that above my experience will help you to run your campaigns rapidly and effectively. If you want any assistant regard Facebook campaigns and help in your campaigns or want advise so do not hesitate to comment under this article or also can join us on our forum.

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KK Silvery
8 years ago

So i understand, this was a campaign based on ” Boost post ” ?