Facebook Coupon Code oppurtunity for advertisement

Facebook Coupon Code:

Facebook is biggest social media platform in the world. Everyone aware about Facebook presence. According to survey, Up to 500 million Peoples use Facebook daily. Facebook always try to update his features with the passage of time. Facebook provide advertising platform for advertisers. We will talk about Facebook advertising strategies. Facebook provide coupon code for new growing business companies. Facebook facilitate his advertisers on various places.

Facebook Coupon Code

Facebook coupon code is the fair option for newbies because they are new and don’t want to spend much money at once. That’s why, they use Facebook coupon code facility. Facebook coupon code have some condition. You can say that, Few term & condition will apply on coupon code. Everyone not get coupon code because coupon code only created for few companies not for all Facebook users.

How we Get Facebook Coupon Code:

As we mentioned above, Every Facebook users or internet users can’t access to coupon code. You need to buy these coupon code though fiverr or any third-party site. Facebook provides these coupons code to hosting companies like iPage, bluehost, HostGator etc. I personally get these coupons code via iPage hosting. Don’t be worried for coupons code because authentic dealers like fiverr provide these coupons in cheapest rate. Fiverr is a business site not for coupons but many of fiverr users provide these coupon codes service.

What is the benefit of coupon code:

Here is a lot of benefits of coupon codes because coupon worth is 5$ to 10$ dollar from fiverr and 0$/free from hosting companies. But you can run campaign ads have worth is 50$. Means if you have a website or blog then traffic is a main goal to achieve your target. You can target your audience at particular location. Don’t worry if you haven’t website. You can increase your Facebook fan page likes or target any specific product. Through these coupons, You can target millions of audience and promote your business site or Fan Page.

Facebook Coupon Code Rules:

Facebook have very strict rules about his terms & conditions. So, we should care about to follow and respect his rules before do anything. Same process of rules apply on coupon codes. If you follow these rules then you will achieve your goal and if not then Facebook disable your ads account permanently and demand few document to reopen this account. Some important rules are mentioned below.

  1. You need a primary payment gateway before put this code in Facebook. (Gateway like PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card).
  2. Coupon should be fresh. Don’t reuse coupon code because this action violate the rules of Facebook or expired coupons will not be accepted.
  3. First add primary method then put your coupon.
  4. Primary method should be fresh. Don’t use one primary method in two Facebook accounts.
  5. After all procedure Facebook demand few time like 15 minutes for approve your ad then run your campaign.

Respect Facebook terms and condition and don’t spread violence because they are seeing you every time. Act like an efficient advertisers. On the other condition, If they disable your account contact Facebook team. Mostly advertisers accounts disable reason, they do spamming like change time or edit ad during run campaign, or change primary method again and again so, Facebook take this action suspicious/invalid activity and block you. Always respect rules don’t break it.  🙂

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