Exclude Yourself From Google Analytic Traffic

Exclude Yourself From Google Analytic:

A website owner or blogger begins his journey accompanied by finest blog. Web administrator/Owner have a responsibility to manage the site traffic analysis on regular basis. To inspect the site traffic, We takes recourse of the additional tool. This additional tool has an well-known name is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the product of Google and used for measure the site traffic in-depth.

Let’s come back to the topic, Majority of blogger sees that, Google analytic include the internal traffic means own traffic (e.g: Administrator, Author etc) and this is headache,When you saw it. Definitely, It can be headache because this way,we are not capable to get a pure traffic report. So, As a professional that is our duty to purge the analytic report with internal traffic.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

For this specific task Google provide the Browser extension name is (Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on). This addon/extension prevent or exclude the internal traffic/data into Google Analytics. Impressive property of this extension is that, This extension is compatible with almost browsers like (Chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer, Safari,Opera etc). Just simply installed this extension inside browser and use it. After installed this, No need any further configuration/settings.

Another way to prevent internal traffic and exclude the redundant stuff. This way consists on manual steps. Means that, Google Analytics have integrated custom filters options. Just exclude your IP address and ISP (Internet Service Provider) and enjoy the pure traffic inside analytic. Filtration path inside Google Analytics. Goto Admin >> All Filters >> Create New Filter and simply provide your IP address or ISP then select exclude and Save. For Google analytic filter configuration, See the image below.

Google Analytics filter option

If you are not aware about your IP address then type in Google “my IP address” then Google will return your IP address in answer. Both methods are verified and reliable. On internet world, numerous type of browsers extensions are also available to exclude yourself from Google Analytics but above the explained extension is most user-friendly and valuable, Whatever I have seen till today.

Let us know , If you have better one techniques and method to exclude the internal traffic, So don’t forget to share with us. You can alarm me through comment 😉

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