Exception Printing Disabled Error in Magento Overview

Probably, you are facing some tragic errors generating in your installed Magento package. By default, printing order for front-end users facility is turned off or disabled due to security reasons. Exception printing disabled error is the mostly occurring error in Magento. This thing can be occurred mostly, when you try to install new theme on your Magento. We can only point you to convey yourself to the error main file where you can see this entire error or can fix it because every theme has its own core files and different from another one.

Exception Printing Disabled Error in Magento Overview

Exception Printing Disabled Error:

Here we are only point your attention on main error file location which help you to understand this error in better manner. When you go that error like “Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.” and the next error line contains the error log record number like ‘Error log record number: 466449390815’ now what you need to do that is to find the error file and see what error or things are becoming the obstacle on your task. Follow the below way to locate the main error file by using the error log record no#1234567 etc like above.

Locate Your Main Error File Location:

Go to your Magento root directory or folder and then navigate to Var/Report then go inside. Simply find your matched error log record number which showing on you error page then open this file in browse view. There will be many errors which can see in this particular error log file. We are not able to describe the these errors solution because these errors associate with your theme files, as we said above that we can only point you to locate the main error file.

I have few resources which can you in this regard, read HostGator team written article on exception printing is disabled this will definitely help you to solve this problem. If not then contact to your theme company, they will help you only if you are using license version of your theme.

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