Child Labour and his facts in Our Society

Child Labour and his facts:

Today we will discuss on child labour and his facts in a society. Childhood is the key success of every country. They become the bright future of any country, If an educated and well manner environment provide them. Child labour is the major issue for developing countries. Children from the poor society and families, Who cannot affords their study expenditure become the part of labour. This strange reality that, When child need the love of their parents, When the time of their enjoyment, playing with their fellow, the time of study and when their little hands are able to pickup the pen to learn or to write. Unfortunately poverty compel them to sacrifice their childhood to live in society. They take mechanical tools at the place of pen in their soft hands.

child labour and his facts

More than 180 countries celebrate the universal children day annually.  At this day new laws make for their health, education and other expense. Many countries face this problems millions of children are engaged in physical work to earn for themselves. Children who work manually mostly related with poor families their parents are also illiterate.

Main reasons of Child Labour:

Poor families mostly have large number of members, therefore they cannot afford expenses of their children’s education and health due to this reason condition of their poor family force them to do work. Childhood is a time, When children want to go to school to learn new things, their parents have a dream to see them as a doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But because of unemployment and poverty their parents sent them to factories, workshops, restaurants, hotels to earn.

They work with their little hands in filling stations, manufacturing center so on at labour wages. The issue of child labour rise day by day because government not gives attention for its solution.

Why Child Labour Increase ?

Child labour increase in those countries, which are failed to maintain their funds and make poor utilization of their resources. They are inefficient and fail to arrange the good education programs. Developing countries have no use of their natural resources therefore they can not spend money for the improving status of the poor.

Developed Countries Reaction Against Child Labour:

Modern and developed countries implement on their rules & laws and have a proper system for the utilization of resources. The leaders of the developed countries spend their resources and funds for the settlement of poor’s. When government or countries of developing countries focus on the betterment of the poor, they can control on this major issue.

Child Labor and his facts

Make education common for all. Try to remove or decrease unemployment, Use resources for development of job oriented sectors. Try to develop agencies and welfare institutions to meet the needs of poor or middle class and fulfill the needs of child’s education & health.  When any country provide job, income and education opportunities to its poor families children. They can overcome this main problem. When parents are able to earn and fulfill the needs of their families then their children are not become labour. When we are all work for our society then our children go to school for learning not go for work to earn for their families.


Children labour become the main problem for developing countries. It come to end only, When facilities and opportunities provided. Increase in the population is the cause of Child Labour.

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