Drug Addiction Among Students

Drug addiction:

Drug addiction is the curse for the humanity.Drug addiction is enough for to destroy any country future. Drugs addiction among the students and youth is comparatively equal to injustice with life. Drugs addiction are eating up our generation and youth. Drugs are the substances which change the attitudes and the working of human body.They paralyze the thinking ability and the mind.An addict cannot live without these substances.So,such a man becomes a useless and paralyzed organ of the society.

Drug Addiction Among

Drug produced & Exports:

During the soviet invasion in Afghanistan,drugs were used to be produced and exported on a large-scale. Afghanistan has become a byword for the production of drugs. Hong Kong and some other countries of South East Asia are also famous for the production of drugs.The U.N.O and other international agencies are working to stop its production,supply,trafficking and usage.Pakistani government is also doing commendable job in the connection.

Types of Drug Addiction:

Different types of drugs like heroine,cocaine,hashish and opium are being used by the addicts.These drugs are just like poison which undermines them.If addicts are students,they will not take interest in their studies.Besides,they are involved in many kinds of others unlawful activities.In this way,future of the nation becomes dark.

Now a question arises why a person will become an addict if he knows the negative effects of drugs.There are various reasons of it.First of all,bad company inclines the young boys and girls to become addicts.Secondly,frustration among youth is also a major cause of it.Thirdly,many people become addicted just for the sake of fashion.But after becoming addicts ,it is very difficult to give up such substances.

Stop drug addiction:

We must take some remedial measures to stop its expansion;otherwise,our future will be dark.For this purpose,we will have to make multi-dimensional efforts.We should abolish the breeding grounds of drugs.Secondly,we must try to stop its supply.Thirdly,the heaviest punishment should be awarded to its dealers.Legislation should also be done for this purpose.An awareness campaign through electronic and print media and educational institutions should also be the part of the strategy.


At the end,we can say that drug addiction is a serious threat for the society,especially,for the youth.Steps should be taken on war-footings to stop its expansion.Masses,media and educational institutions can be the helping hands of the government.Awareness campaign is the most important thing against drug addiction.

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7 years ago

Nice essays very useful. but should include the current problems also.

Rayudu Prabhakar
6 years ago

very interesting information