Download and Install Android Emulator for PC

Android Emulator for PC:

Android SDK (Software Development Kit) have a virtual mobile device, which runs on personal computer (PC) is known as Android emulator for PC. Android emulator is used to develop and test the mobile applications without using physical mobile device. It also contains developers tools to develop Android application with ease. We use keyboard keys and mouse to navigate or create events inside Android emulator. Here we will show you, how to download and install Android emulator for window based PC. Follow these steps,

Step 1:

Firstly, Download Android emulator for PC, after getting zip file, extract it to any specific folder. Where you have extracted SDK then just run SDK manager.

Android Emulator for PC

Step 2:

After click on SDK manger, It will automatically load all Android applications, which include in this package. After SDK manager loaded all applications then select Android 4.0 and its SDK platform tools.

Android Emulator for PC step 1

Step 3:

After selecting Android 4.0 and its SDK platform tools, simply click on install packages, a pop-up will appear and ask confirmation about selected package. Then click on install button and wait for downloading all package from internet.

Android Emulator for PC step 3

After installed the whole applications package of SDK, close the SDK manager.

Step 4:

After SDK installations process, now its time to set up Android emulator. For that purpose, we run Android 4.0, which we installed couple a minute ago. Open Android SDK folder then run AVD manager. Click on New and establish new virtual device.

Android Emulator for PC step 4

Step 5:

After created new virtual device, select created virtual device and from the list and simply click on start.

Android Emulator for PC step 5

Step 6:

Now its time to launch Android emulator comfortably. Directly click on launch button and start Android emulator for PC.

Android Emulator for PC step 6

Step 7:

After launch Android Emulator, it will take nearly 5 minute for boot, but this loading process will be occur only for first time. Once this loading is finished, Android emulator will appear on your screen.

Android Emulator for PC step 7

You can run numerous applications inside this emulator without hesitation. You can test any new developed application in it. Enjoy your Android emulator journey.

Let us know, hopefully you will understand this scenario, which we shared with you. If you like it then must share with your friends. For further discussion, you can describe it below.

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