Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank

Majority of users have misconceptions about that does changing website theme effect on Seo rank or website performance. Usually, a beginner have not sufficient knowledge about Seo but I realized that some people afraid with Seo ranking fluctuations. Because majority thinks, if they change their website theme or if do any customization stuff on their website front-end so their website traffic can be fall or some think that change will boost their website traffic. Whether it is WordPress based site or any custom coding site that doesn’t matter in this discussion.

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank?

Very rarely but again want to say depends on the time period and circumstances. Let’s suppose if you just want to change your WordPress theme which takes around 2 minutes maximum in installation and activation then go live. Your all post, pages even permalinks structure will not be changed. All things will remain same like before only the outer layout will be automatically change. So in this condition, your site will not gonna be down while changing the theme only. Because your post and pages will be live while changing traffic will not be disturbed or down from this point of view.

Another case, let’s suppose after changed the website theme or on the instant of the same time, you want to make few customization or developing stuff to make it attractive or add some creative features in it. So in this condition, mostly webmasters feels to put site under maintenance due incomplete website then they simply create a website maintenance page and show on their website front-end like a single landing page for users. From this way, incoming traffic would be down for a specified time period.

With this way your website losing precious traffic but your landing page giving them an instruction so almost people can understand this condition so that way is good from brand recognition safety. (Recommended Way in Critical Situations but only for short time period such as 10-15 minutes not more than this)

Above we only talk about short time frame of website unavailability but unlike if you want to down your site for 1-2 days then what? 1-2 days or more cannot be considered a short time frame then above ways is not helpful in this situation. In this condition I would say create separate sub domain r sub directory like (e.g. OR because to keep live website while working in this longtime period can spoil Seo rank for big sites which are receiving enough incoming traffic.

By the way, it is naturally understood to them that they will not do that kind of mistakes. Because no one wants to put their huge traffic in garbage. Recently I commented on Quora with the same asked question Does changing website theme affect its SEO, ranking and performance?

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank

Above image showing the same thing which I had stated before. Everything is simple and transparent now in front of you short time period can not down your Seo rank because your site pages or post are live and user can see it.

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