DMOZ Journey Ending in March 2017

If I’ll say open directory project so the first thinking will come in your mind is DMOZ. Yes exactly, Dmoz declared they are closing in 14 March 2017. Dmoz journey ending in this current month March 14. DMOZ declared this news on their site homepage. DMOZ is owned by AOL and they started their journey in 18 years ago June 1998. That is a sad news because we will lose the world biggest directory ever.

DMOZ Journey Ending in March

DMOZ Journey Ending Date?

According to DMOZ official website, they will close their site on 14 March their statement is given below.

As of Mar 14, 2017 will no longer be available.

Do you know? Yahoo also closed its directory on 14 September 2014 after announcing the closure news.

Now how the NOODP meta tag will exist anymore? Because DMOZ will close soon as they stated above.

NOODP Tag Overview:

We were using NOODP tag to let them know search engine crawler or bots that do not use the open directory project description instead of this use our provided titles and description. Which is considered as a necessary on-page SEO factor.

DMOZ is a popular human generated business listing editor, where you will find multiple categories and inside numerous listed sites with the same or different services. Now human generated listening results will no longer exist after DMOZ. We would definitely miss DMOZ because we worked on it in that long 18 years of time period, even that was the most important factor, which we always added in our SEO plan.

Let us know your thoughts about it and what you think how SEO is changing rapidly?

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