Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail

Few days ago, I was working on my client project so where we required a professional or business level theme. So my recommendation was Divi WordPress theme, because of their flexibility and perfection. Actually I inspired with Divi internal core features, from which this theme package comes. So today here, I want to share my experience with my readers, who also desire to learn something creative and unique. This divi WordPress theme review contains its core characteristics and their benefits for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail:

Divi is the most spectacular and smartest theme ever, that is not the exaggerate with my words. I’m saying only what I experienced with it.

Divi Builder:

First of all divi builder is totally separate plugin but this builder is already integrate in divi theme. By using this builder, you can easily develop web pages by drag and drop rows, column and divi internal modules.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Builder

Divi Modules Feature:

Divi Comes with numbers of modules includes bar counters, blog, blurb, divider, email Optin and so many additional modules supported.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Modules

Through divi you can easily built your page layout by using columns and rows combinations.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Page layout

Simply create page layout as per your requirements then insert modules which you want to show on your website front-end.

Save and Load From Library:

By going in to depth of this finest theme, here divi comes with these splendid option. After drag and drop when you completely satisfied to built your own style layout so also can save this layout in divi library. There is a great advantage of this features, from this features you will be able to load this same saved layout to another fresh page, this means on new pages you do not need to put your same strength as you invested on previous one’s.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Save and Load Feature

This feature can save your lots of precious time, which can maximize your work strength.

Divi Redo and Undo Feature:

Just imagine, unintentionally your page layout is gonna be delete or any part is removed during work so there is nothing like panic with it. Because divi also have the solution for this,  divi WordPress theme comes with redo and undo option which can undo your mistakes same like your computer CLT+Z and CLT+Y features, hope you understood what I mean here.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Redo and Undo Feature

I never seen that these two redo and undo options in any theme builder or framework so far. This is also the bold reason behind our recommendation.

Divi Integration:

Divi have a separate section inside their settings epanel, from where you can see the divi integration tab. This integration option enable you to add your additional codes in your theme <head> section,  also inside <body> section. You can use these section to add your analytics code, Google fonts links, font awesome references etc.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Integration

Divi SEO Features:

As we know that, Seo is the most important part of any website to drive traffic directly from search engine. Divi very well knows this facts, that is why it also has Seo integrated features in it.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi SEO

You also can see clearly in the above screenshot that how many Seo features divi have for their beloved customers. For advance Seo, you may add Seo by Yoast and configure it.

Divi Theme Customizer:

Through divi theme customize, you are able to edit your theme with live preview. WordPress already have theme features by default, but divi embed their features inside this customizer and make it more easier for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi theme customizer

You also be able to set up your website according to multiple device sized, I mean about responsive layout. Real time editing also put enthusiasm in your passion and will give your quick reaction.


Here above so far I described and highlighted so many incredible features of Divi WordPress theme but even not completely. Divi is better than Good and deserve more respect because it makes their client life’s easier with no coding stuff. I think you must give a try to Divi then result will be come with your happiness.

If you have additional question regarding this fabulous theme so don’t be hesitate, and ask your question below this topic under comment section or also can join our community for detailed questions.

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