Difference Between Domain and Hosting – Beginner Guide

This guide is specifically designed for beginners, who have no awareness about difference between domain and hosting. If any starter trying to start an online business so website would be the most superior aspect in this condition. Website has two basic aspects first is domain and second is hosting, without these two basic factors you can not go ahead.

Difference Between Domain and Hosting - Beginner Guide

Difference Between Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting are two major factors to build any website. Both are totally separate factors, now going to elaborate both respectively.

Domain: Domain is a particular and unique name of your virtual shop or place such as KnowledgeIDea.com etc. In simple words, user can be reached to your website by typing your unique domain name or URL in any browser. Standard .com domain cost is $9.99/Year currently.

Hosting: Hosting is a place or location which you takes it to store or host your data. You pay a particular amount for that place which you buy it on rent for your precious data. For recommended and secure hosting pick up HostGator and Bluehost, both prices and services are satisfactory.

Every hosting provider have their own prices and plans according to their company rules, so it’s up to you for which you want to go ahead.

As we above mentioned domain and hosting basic definitions and their usage. Also as we knows that both are separate things so we insert hosting name servers inside domain to build connection among them. After made connection among them, you can easily see your website by typing your domain URL directly in your browser.

Let us know, if you find this article valuable and meaningful same as for which you are searching for. If you have any question regarding this topic or else relevant to domain and hosting so describe it under this article or also on community forum.

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