Dengue Fever and its Symptoms

Dengue Fever:

Dengue fever is a fatal disease which is spreading like an epidemic. More than 2.5 billion people in 70 countries around the global are in danger of becoming the victim of dengue fever. Now-a-days, India, Pakistan, Australia, Africa and Malaysia is in the evil grip of this viral disease.

Dengue Fever essay

Dengue Growth and Production:

The government and the general masses are helpless before the attack of dengue. Many of the people have lost their lives. Dengue mosquito grow in clean water. Carelessness of the people provides an environment to dengue mosquito to grow even in clean areas. The water of pools, streets and other places enhances the chances of spreading dengue. On the part of the government, Sincere and selfless efforts had not been made in time to control this disease.

For example, if the concerned authorities had taken appropriate steps, it would not have spread on this large-scale. Furthermore, the traditional laziness of the government departments provided a suitable environment to grow and flourish this dengue.

Dengue virus symptoms:

This mosquito carries a virus which attacks white blood cells in blood stream. Platelets in blood stream decrease in number. This can cause bleeding, high fever, vomiting and red rashes on skin are among its symptoms.

Prevention of Dengue Fever:

By arrangements of cleanliness and spray, we can minimize the chance to grow this viral disease. Secondly, we must not allow the storage of water anywhere around us. In the long run, Government should also take proper step to stop the growth of this disease. There should be declared an emergency situation for the upcoming years. Media and the educational institutions should also run a campaign to make the people aware.


By summing up, we can say that only by the co-operation of the people with the government, Dengue can be defeated. This epidemic like disease can prove to be a severe danger for the upcoming generations if we do not take appropriate measures. The government cannot tackle with this problem single-handedly. Therefore, masses should join hands with the government against dengue. The services of the foreign experts should also be taken, in this regard.

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