Delete Youndoo Hijacker From Your Browser

Today I beat this Youndoo hijacker from my browser chrome and Firefox. My computer both browser was infected with this Hijacker or virus. Youndoo is a Hijacker which was injected in my browsers through some free software. Before taking any serious step, I just tried to throw out this virus from my browser with general tricks. But it was a clingy hijacker whereas I noticed. Afterwards I find someone techniques, which helped me to remove this Youndoo hijacker from my browsers even from my personal computer.

Delete Youndoo Hijacker From Your Browser

Delete Youndoo Hijacker From Your Browser:

Here is following steps, which i did to remove this hijacker.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. While restarting computer, before it comes to animated window boot screen. Press F8 (Press F8 when your computer going to start again)
  3. Once your computer restarted, open your control panel > Programs then uninstall any unknown installed software’s that you didn’t install. Review all of the software company names, icons and titles if you found something suspicious which you didn’t perform it simply throw out from your computer by uninstalling it.
  4. Uninstalling suspicious software’s from your computer is not enough anymore, now simply open your browser whether it is chrome or Firefox.
  5. Afterwards, Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE then delete your all chrome history, cookies and cache except password. Keep remember that, check all of those items such as browsing history, download history, cookies, auto fill data, hosted app etc then press Clear Browsing Data.
  6. Now go to Chrome settings > Scroll down at the bottom of the page, you see a option namely RESET SETTING. Simply Rest your chrome entirely. That’s all.

Note For Other Browsers:

Do the same for other browsers, first delete the history, cookies and cache then reset your browser on window safe mode.

After all that, restart your computer normally now everything would be fine. The Youndoo Hijacker or virus is gone now.

Let us know, if you removed that hijacker from your computer successfully. If you found something trouble in the meanwhile then you can join us on our community forum for further interaction or can comment below.

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