Cross Linking and Stop Replication – SEO Training

As you know, In the earlier SEO training lesson 5, you learned about Rich Snippets and Robots tags significance and its advantages from Seo perspective. Now we are going to extend this course to SEO training lesson 6, In this lesson you will learn about cross linking and further important pages on a website.

SEO Training Lesson 6:

In this lesson, we will reveal or share some interesting and technical tips and tricks. Before go ahead, we decide to talk about some technical and experienced tips, which will definitely help you during your professional career. Review the below SEO training lesson 6 outlines.

  1. Cross Linking
  2. Stop Replication
  3. Important Pages on Website

Cross linking is a crucial aspect of on page Seo. Internal links and external links have bidirectional advantages from revenue and ranking perspective. Another scene part of this lesson is step replication (duplication), which means Google search engine crawl every single page on your website, so your post content is available on many places like categories pages, tags pages and itself post page, so it is your responsibility to stop indexing categories and tags pages. Similarly, your content will be index from post pages directly, which will never be duplicate.

Important pages on website are following as (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us). These pages are necessary because without these pages, you can not join any ad network so make these pages and set their position in front of website homepage. Now watch the complete SEO training lesson 6 tutorial with full concentration.

Let us know, if you think that this tutorial is useful and valuable for your career. Conversely, if you have any queries and further want to discus on this lesson then you also can join us via comment. 😉

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