How to Create Sticky floating Sidebar in WordPress

Sticky or fixed floating sidebars are unique and authentic way to achieve the user attention. Which elements stick on the front of your eyes, these elements can easily get your attention. When you scroll down, these elements going floating down and also appear on the front of your screen. That is why, Clicking ratio is also high on these elements, which stick on your screen. Now here, we will show you that, How to create sticky floating sidebar in WordPress. Which can easily grasp user attention and can take implement in your revenue reports.

Sticky Sidebar widget

First you need to do, install and active Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) plugin. After getting access on this plugin, go to Appearance > Widget and choose any widget, which you want to make sticky or fixed. If you chooses any text box then check the fixed widget option then simply save it.

Sticky Sidebar widget

Q2W3 Fixed Widget equipped with spectacular positioning options to make the positions perfect on-screen display. For this purpose, go to Appearance > Fixed Widget Option then configure this plugin as you requirement. There you can configure margin top, bottom and intervals. Even can create custom IDs and enable this widget only for log in users.

Sticky Sidebar widget

You can make subscriber box sticky, even can make your advertisement sticky. Sticky advertisement can increase your revenue because CTR ratio is always high on fixed elements. You can run any community campaign on these sticky elements, which will be appearing every time for site readers or users. You can easily turned off these sticky elements on mini devices for user reliability.

You can boost your subscribers, sign up forms and community members with ease. Use multiple sticky sidebars instead of single one. Affiliate campaign and advertisement will be the finest option for revenue perspective. Hopefully, this article will build up your site stamina and make it attractive. Let us know your perceptions about sticky sidebar widgets in below comment box. 😉

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