Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Service Providers

The pandemic of coronavirus is creating great hawk all around the world and now it has spread almost all around the world. As per the latest report by Worldometer, at least 164 countries are affected by coronavirus and 218,759 cases have been reported all around the world and until today 8,944 people have lost their lives because of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers


The top three most affected countries are China, Italy and Iran. With total reported cases of coronavirus, which are 80,894, 35,713 and 17,361 respectively. These figures are freighting and that is a reason that several of the organizations have delayed or reimagined their product launches and conferences because it requires their staff to travel to other countries.

Chief Marketing Officer

CMO of Google stated:

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

“Due to the growing concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19). In alignment with the best practices laid out by the CDC, WHO and other relevant entities. Google Cloud has decided to reimagine Google Cloud Next ’20, which will still take place from April 6-8”.

Microsoft Official

An Official from Microsoft said

The health and safety of our MVP community is a top priority. Due to growing concern, we’ve decided to shift our 2020 MVP Global Summit to a digital experience with exclusive, in-depth technical sessions on March 16-20.

Virtual Workplace

Along with reimagining conferences, the routine tasks of almost every organization around the globe are affected. Most organizations have directed their staff to perform their duties from home. So, it requires staff to use the internet and other related software like Skype and Microsoft teams. This decision, which by all means is appropriate but it has led to a significant increase in the load on internet service providers. Akamai, a firm that tracks global activity over the internet. It has reported that there has been a 50% increase in the load of internet service providers. Around the world, the internet providers are trying to manage the load of the increased number of users.

Vodafone Internet Service Provider

As reported by Vodafone:

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

“it is experiencing a 30% rise in internet traffic across its UK fixed-line and mobile networks”.

Talk Talk Internet Service Provider

TalkTalk another internet provides has said:

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

“Its daytime network traffic was 20% higher”.

Although, internet provider organizations are claiming. They are successfully coping with the demand for unusual traffic and expected to do it for a longer period of time. In this regard, the official from Talk Talk has said:

“We continually optimise our network for both our consumer and business customers and are well prepared to ensure they receive reliable connectivity”.

Until now, there doesn’t seem to be any major disruption over the internet globally. However, the chances are higher for countries that have weak or limited resources for the internet. So, if they struggle to provide internet services then there will be almost a complete shutdown of major business activities. In this regard, we as responsible citizens of this world would have to use the internet for those activities that are necessary.

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