Coronavirus is Compelling Organizations To Reimagine Conferences

The epidemic of coronavirus continues to escalate. As per the reports of World Health Organization. In total, there have been 92,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll has approached 3,011. Unfortunately, the patients and mortalities are expected to rise in near future. The fear to get stuck by this almost incurable virus has hampered almost every activity of life in every part of the world. For example, the iPhone 9‘s production is expected to delay and IT organizations are reimagine Conferences.

Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

The giant organizations like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are acting actively to avoid the wrath of coronavirus. Accordingly, as a preventive measure especially form the viewpoint of their employees. These corporations have replaced or canceled their core trade shows and conferences. Some organizations have announced to conduct virtual events like live product launches and video conferencing. In order to restrict the traveling of its employees to other countries. It is because coronavirus is swiftly crossing the borderlines. So in this article, we will endeavor to provide you a list and a brief description of the events. Which few, information and technology-based corporations have either postponed, replaced or even canceled.

Cloud Next 2020

Google has recently made an announcement by keeping in mind the health and wellbeing issues of its stakeholders that next conference will be conducted online. Now, keynote speakers and experts will contact audiences in a virtual environment. In simple words, it will be the multi-day digital experience for almost everyone. Moreover, Google is reimagining conferences in the future because of coronavirus.

Alison Wagonfeld

The Chief marketing officer at Google said:

Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

Due to the growing concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19). In alignment with the best practices laid out by the CDC, WHO and other relevant entities. Google Cloud has decided to reimagine Google Cloud Next ’20, which will still take place from April 6-8.

Cloud Next, this April is expected to lure almost 30,000 audiences in San Francisco. However, the virtual medium of the conference had led the google to announce. It will refund all the tickets purchased for the conference and also, google will cancel all the hotel reservations. Which were ordered via its conference booking system.

Most Valuable Professional Summit

Alike Google Cloud Next ’20, the Microsoft Corporation has also canceled its most valuable professional summit. The summit is expected to take place in third week of March this year in Bellevue and Redmond. Microsoft has announced to reimagine conferences into virtual ones which will be held in March 2020. However, their team is working on alternate arrangements for the actual conference. The cause of remodeling this conference is again the COVID-19 coronavirus that is spreading fast. An official from Microsoft Corporation has stated:

The health and safety of our MVP community is a top priority. Due to growing concern, we’ve decided to shift our 2020 MVP Global Summit to a digital experience with exclusive, in-depth technical sessions on March 16-20.

F8 Developer Conference

F8 developer conference is conducted by Facebook on annual bases. Where entrepreneurs and developers who generate various products and services over websites gathered mainly to share their experiences with others. Unfortunately, this conference. Which was expected to be held in San Jose has also been canceled.  Now, Facebook is planning to remodel it as a virtual conference. Just like, Google and Microsoft has planned to do. Again, this decision of Facebook management is taken by keeping in mind the health safety regulation issued by the World Health Organization to avoid coronavirus.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

As the director of Facebook said:

1-Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

“We’re planning other ways for our community to get together through a combo of locally hosted events, videos and live-streamed content.”

These few examples of giant organizations. Namely, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft show that almost everyone. Irrespective of size is psychologically or physically is affected by this growing epidemic. So, it demands every member of society to be socially responsible and play its part to minimize the impact of coronavirus. Reimagine conferences is one step taken by the IT organization to prevent the coronavirus to spread.

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