Computer Education And Its Importance

Computer Education And Its Importance:

This is the age of modern scientific inventions and discoveries.Computer is the most revolutionary invention of this age.We find the usage of computer education in all the field of life.It is being used in designing, banking, aviation, space, sciences, education, agriculture, medicine and so many other fields.Internet and E-mail are most revolutionary products of computer.These things have changed the world into a global village.

Computer Education And Its Importance

Computer Should Be Make the compulsory Part of Our Education:

So,keeping in view these facts,we will have to make the knowledge of computer a compulsory part of our education.If we do not make it the part of our education,we will remain far behind than other countries in this revolutionary age of computer.We should transfer all the data of our government departments on computer.After computerizing it,we must train our government staff to use this revolutionary machine.

The teachers in schools should be educated in this field on priority basis,So that they may educate the children.children. Modern computer labs should be opened in all schools.In this way,we will be able to go with the stream.Computer education is the need of modern era.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Education:

With the revolution of computer,some problems have also emerged.For example,now cyber crime are also a major issue.Fraud and cheating through internet is very common.By educating the people,we can protect them from such kind of things.Furthermore,computer software industry is also a revolutionary field.

Advantage and disadvantage of computer education

Now,software engineers earn very much.This is the fast growing industry.By educating the students in this field.We can earn huge foreign exchange by software exports

The Whole World Is On Our Finger Tip:

At the end,we can say that computer has brought a revolution in all fields of life.Computer education has shortened the distances.The whole world is on our finger-tips.We have entire world on the screen of a tiny magic box which seems to be a miracle.Now the entire world is just like a global community because of internet.So,we cannot deny the vitality of computer education.We will have to adorn our people with the education of computer.If we do not do so,we may not be able to face the challenges of modern life.

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