Causes Of 404 Not Found Error And Solution

Almost bloggers are aware with 404 not found error. But very few people knows the cause of 404 not found error and solution of this issue. In technical terms, this is a web internal pages missing error. 404 not found error comes when a specified page request doesn’t come back correctly conversely instead of that page, web shows this page is not exist/missing or 404 not error.

Causes Of 404 Not Found Error And Solution

Causes Of 404 Not Found Errors:

In simple words, it comes when the requested page URLs has changed or that page is no longer exist on web page. In these conditions 404 errors generated on websites.

404 Not Found Error Solution:

These can be control by following the few steps, its easy to do.

  • First of all sign up on Google webmaster tools,under the console you can find 404 or other critical internal errors. From where you can get an idea which pages are infected from this issue.
  • Secondly, if you intend to change your any web page URLs so afterwards put the 301 redirection on old URLs. That will redirect the old pages to new URLs automatically so from this way you will not lose any single user traffic which are coming from old URLs wherever you placed in past.

Did 404 Not Found Error Put Impact on SEO Ranking?

Absolutely yes, because its change the user mindset for search engine which the user are using.

Let’s suppose, if a user using your company (Google) services and your company system or mechanism provides a reference or particular web address that holds good information for which you are seeking to get. Afterwards if user come on that specified referred page, which mentioned at the top of the Google search results but in return users sees that this page is no longer exist on this web so user will be angry definitely.

So that is why Google put this error section under webmaster console namely “crawling errors” section. If Google crawler come on your page and if they found that page doesn’t exist so Google bot will note this issue and mention under your webmaster tool. Which is very easy for you to resolve it because it is already detected by Google crawlers.

Let us know if you find this article helpful for your blogging journey. I would be glad if you need any assistance in case of issues. You also can write your comment below or can join our community forum to elaborate your issues there.

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