Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense

As we know that, pop-ups ads are now become the trend on almost sites around internet. There are several companies, who offers different kinds of pop-ups advertisements. Today here, I’m here to let you know about what Google think and what their perceptions about Pop-ups ads usage with AdSense. OR can we use Pop-Ups ads with AdSense ads on the same web page at the same time.

Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense

Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense?

Yes, but it has several conditions if you follow those conditions then you may go ahead with you pop ups ads. Google allow only three pop ups on their AdSense publisher sites, if it is more than three then there is a chance that your AdSense could be banned because it is against their polices. Read the AdSense FAQ.

In simple words, Google not permitted to place AdSense ads on sites which have more than three pop-ups. This statement clearly express, we can use Pop-ups ad network whose criteria meet with this condition.

Above statement is just the one side of the entire theory, Google also said, if pop-ups redirect the user to another web page, any virus distribution through pop-ups via those another web redirection, putting any effect on your current web page navigation which annoyed users naturally so these all condition also violate AdSense polices for Pop-ups ads.

So make sure, that any pop-up ad network not use any such kind of methods and strategy because this can put your AdSense in risky way.

Keep remember that, AdSense publisher are not allowed to insert or place Google ads in windows which are not initiated by a user’s click, also publishers are not allowed to place Google ads where the lacks of navigational control, because from this way users can not go back or forward.

If you want to put AdSense with Pop-ups ad network both simultaneously so you need to accept above all conditions then you can go forward and can start your making money online journey.

Let me know, if you have any thoughts regarding this article and Google perceptions about pop-ups usage with AdSense. If you have any query, so you can approach to us through our community forum or can write your comment below.

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Dina Haines
Dina Haines
7 years ago

Instantly amazed with all the useful information that is on it. Great post, just what I was looking for and I am looking forward to reading your other posts soon.