C Programming tutorials for beginners

What is Programming ?

We are representing C++ programming tutorials step by step basic to advance level. First we see a widely known definition of programming. ” A program is a precise sequence of steps to solve a particular problem. “

What Skills are needed to be a good programmer ?

  • Paying attention to detail ( Read program )
  • User interface should be friendly and understandable. 
  • You should need comment before start new code section 
  • Understand the programming facts

Lesson 1:

using namespace std;

main ()
  cout<<"Welcome to knowledge idea";

We will take this above code and understand them step by step.
#include : This is a pre processor directive. It is not a part of our program, it is an instruction that we giving to the compiler. The sign # is known as HASH and also called SHARP.
<iostream> : This is the name of library definition file for all input or output streams.

main() : main function will run first. main name is important in C.main name is run when your program is used. If you forget main function and mistype then C program will return you error.
{ } : Its a Curly brackets and also called braces. Keep remember every open braces must be matching close. Braces brackets allows to group together pieces of a program.
Cout : Cout is known as Output function in C. It takes data from your computer and send it on-screen as an output. Hence we use cout for output.
<<: This sign indicates the direction of data.
” ” : Everything which are in the double quotes is known as character strings. In C programming characters strings are written in double quotes. 


During Programming we need to store data. So this data store in variables. Variables data are storing in memory. Memory divided into blocks and viewed as a pigeon-holes. Avoid starting variables with underscore ( _ ). In C program every variable has a Name, Size, Type, Value.

Important Links:

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