Buying and Selling AdSense is Against Google Polices

Always I heard this query lots of time from many users, is buying and selling AdSense is against Google polices or not? People wants quick results, even they don’t want to wait till 6 months or whatever the duration of getting AdSense from manually process.

Buying and Selling AdSense is Against Google Polices:

I realized that people can pay any big amount only to get an approved AdSense account but that account would be valueless and can be banned in a day or week. See what Google top contributors said, when a user asked to him “Is ts legal to buy and sell AdSense account ?”

Check Out their remarks on this asked question..

Buying and Selling AdSense is Against Google Polices

After that I think there should be no doubts exist in our minds.

Let’s suppose if you buy AdSense in few bucks then what? Google algorithms & team 10x times smarter than your thoughts. They will find out the way you did that all, then ban your IP address or website permanently then that would be panic for you lifetime. I always recommend to my readers and KnowledgeIDea fans must read 13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account.

Another question people ask to me that “Is Google have any “AdSense verified Seller”? I’m amazed because of how people get in touch with this kind of freak and clumsy guys.

I must say, Google have no program to get AdSense in a day or minute. You need to apply for Google AdSense manually like others if your website or blog is eligible for this then you will get the approved AdSense account by their team after the review process. That’s all.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your blogging journey. Conversely, If you have any question regarding Google AdSense so you can write in the below comment box or can join us on our community forum directly.

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Farhan Rasheed Tragger

Good Artical bro its very helpful for us.
Siraj bro, My friend suggest me to to buy adsense because he buy an adsense account and he is link with adsense for one year. Why not banned by google as you say.