How to Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay

As we know that HosterDay is an emerging finest hosting provider around the internet. In our most earlier written article, we already described HosterDay features review. These features make HosterDay more superior and user-friendly web hosting provider. Today, I’m writing this article to let them know to my readers about how they can buy domain and hosting with HosterDay step by step.

How to Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay

Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay:

HosterDay is straight forward about his commitment to their beloved customers. I just made an absolute guide video because I think video can explain this one aspect better.

Actually, purchasing domain and hosting with HosterDay is simple especially for those people’s who have no credit card facility even have no PayPal. That is what we like in HosterDay, almost Asian countries have the same problem of payment gateway’s issue. They have great enthusiasm to buy hosting to start their online business journey but a usual or common person can not bear the expense of credit cards. Or PayPal is not supported in most Asian countries properly such as in India and Pakistan. That is why, HosterDay introduced the payment option Bank transfer for their customer convenience, they don’t want to lose even a single customer with their excellent services.

This guide is actually designed for step one to finalize step. At the checkout process, simply insert your personal information and choose Bank transfer option to pay your invoice then proceed. Then HosterDay will provide you the bank details as well as your invoice, simply deposit your invoice payment in their provided bank account and send them an email [] associate with your transaction id or reference to let them know that you submitted your invoice payment in their bank account. Now finally they will send you your hosting cPanel details on your provided email with in 24 hours after receive your payment. There is no delay in their service, they have dedicated support team on phone, live chat and also on support ticket on their website.

Let us know, about your experience with HosterDay. We love to listen your feedback from customer point of view because it can be beneficial for other users. If you have any questions so join us on our community forum or can drop your comment under this article.

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Vishal Malik
Vishal Malik
7 years ago

Siraj, I want to know whether Hosterday Hosting support wordpress integration.

Siraj Mahmood
7 years ago
Reply to  Vishal Malik

Yeah, HosterDay supports WordPress integration too.