Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

I was confused when breadcrumbs take the place of URLs, because slug or URL contains my primary or focus keywords instead of breadcrumbs. That was pathetic condition for me, because that was time strategy was completely changed. Then I realized, why I’m not getting understand. why this happened and what the story behind it? Breadcrumbs vs URLs, which one is better from SEO perspective.

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS:

The difference between URLs and breadcrumbs is to understand the website flow. Sometimes URLs length exceeds limits, then usage of more characters in URL bringing out URL from snippet results in search engine.

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

The above snippet clearly expressing, how the long URLs presents in Search engine. Long URLs can not presents in search engine completely, after exceeding the threshold dots will be appear instead of URL.

Secondly, if URLs have sub directory or folders then the chances will increase that the URL will cross the limit.

Now let’s have a look the long URLs appearance in breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

In above snippet, URL is long but by using breadcrumbs its easy to understand that the “managing your money topic coming from finance and business category”. Even its looks flexible and decent than a long or incomplete URL.

Above snippet also defined the website flow structure, for example; make money fast article can be found by navigating to primary category > finance and business then under this a sub category >managing you money. This structure makes easy for users to understand the structure of web pages.

More Examples:

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO Image 3

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO Image 4

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO Image 5


After all that regarding breadcrumbs vs URLs last but not least, I wanna say breadcrumbs changed the way to understand the web pages structure. It’s now more trendy than before, and in future more things are waiting for changes. If you are not ready for breadcrumbs then you can easily turned off on your web pages, that is not restricted for every webmasters. If you have any question so let us know though writing your comment below or can join us on our community forum.

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