Blogger Vs WordPress, Which One is the Best for Blogging?

Do you know? Which one is better Blogger Vs WordPress. Almost newbies feel annoyed about, which blogging platform is flexible for future journey. So today I’m here to reveal the difference among both of these blogging platform. I will also describe its every important aspects and each functionality, which is already available and integrated in it.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress:

Blogger is powered by Google Inc, which is known as a beginning and free of cost blogging platform. If you are using blogger then you don’t need any domain and hosting expense but it has some restrictions or limitation. But if you are going with WordPress, which is an organization and providing his services since 27 May 2003. With WordPress, you have different opportunities and plans, first is free plan but with few limitation and other is premium plans. Now let’s distinguish among both of them blogging platforms.

Blogger (Free) WordPress (Free and Premium)
 Website Multiple  Website Multiple
 Domain  address  (  Domain  address ( & .com)
 Disk Space Unlimited  Disk Space 3GB Free, Unlimited (Premium)
 Bandwidth Unlimited  Bandwidth Unlimited
 Emails No  Emails Unlimited
 SQL  Databases No  SQL  Databases Unlimited
 One CLick  Installer No  One CLick  Installer Yes
 SSL  Certificate No  SSL  Certificate Yes
 FTP Access No  FTP  Access No
 Coding  Access for  developers Limited  Coding  Access for  developers Full Access
 Plugins  Facility No  Plugins  Facility Thousands of Plugins
 Statistics  Overview Limited  Statistics  Overview Deeply Statistics Access
 Themes Limited  Themes Thousands of  Themes
Free Free and $3.96/month HostGator (Premium)


WordPress and blogger both are good for beginners but depend on your working strategy. If you are a beginner and can’t bear expense so you can start your journey with blogger but conversely if you want to work as a professional blogger then we recommend you, WordPress will be a finest choice for your blogging journey. Because WordPress have multiple or unlimited features with incredible and innumerable themes & plugins. Which will boost your website appearance and user interface.

Blogger is good but simple and WordPress is awesome due to his advance and unlimited features. 90% bloggers are using WordPress and satisfied about his service. No doubt blogger is also awesome but Google will never give AdSense ads with .blogspot domain name, it’s a AdSense publisher program policy. In WordPress, you need to buy your personal domain and hosting from HostGator then you can start to make your blog with unlimited support. Now its up to you, which decision you will adopt to go ahead. Best of Luck !

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