Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the world’s enormous and magnificent vacation spots. The country is an inimitable blend of momentous ethnicities which entices sightseers and holiday makers. There are lots of noteworthy vacation spots in Pakistan, where you can enjoy your holidays and get relaxation.

The Twin Cities:

Islamabad and Rawalpindi covers all attractions and colors for holiday makers. Both cities are rich in historic traditions and mysterious natural places to visit. The prominent vacation spots in Islamabad are Shah-Faisal Mosque and Daman-e-Koh. Shah-Faisal mosque is situated in Margalla hills. The lightening of the mosque enhances its enchanted exquisiteness and appeal the visitors.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Islamabad

Rawalpindi on the other hand regale visitors with its history and many watchable places. The twin cities are the major vacation spots in Pakistan.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Islamabad night view

The twin cities are also prevalent as the superb vacation spots of Pakistan because they serve as bolthole from summer heat. Vacation spots in Pakistan has fascinated millions of people with its icy peaks and striking lakes. The twin cities present a combination of flora and fauna. Rawal Dam and Pakistan Monument along with Shakarparian hills and other countless places would astound any holiday maker.


Murree is located approximately 60 kilometers away from Islamabad. It is the most eminent and preferred vacation spot for people who wants to spend their vacations at an innocuous place. Murree is a great destination for people who wants a tinier foretaste of hill stations.  It presents the prettiest sites for holiday makers. Holiday makers’ stopover Murree to enjoy snow fall which is another delicacy of the time of year.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Murree

Bhurban, Patriata and Neelam Point are located near Murree where people are amused with chair lift flights and enchanting eating places. People visit Murree to enjoy the snowy Alps of Kashmir and amazing views of the top of Nanga Parbat are pivotal lures for holiday makers.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Murree in winter

Swat Valley:

High mounts, green fields and vibrant lakes, this place is considered as a great vacation spot. For the reason of its natural beauty, it is said that fairies abode in the lakes of Swat. Swat is surrounded by many eye-cooling marvels and exotic greenery which is a great attraction for tourists. The lavish green scenarios, ice-caped peaks and proper arrangement of fishing compel tourists to come and explore the vacation spots in Pakistan.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Swat

Gabral, Mahodand, Pari Lake, Kundol Lake, White Stream Lake, Bashigram Lake and Daral Lake are the most popular vacation spots of Swat Valley. The valley’s sky touching mounts provides spectacular visions for holiday makers. Boating, fishing and exotic restaurants of Swat valley gives great experience to visitors and surely it is a great vacation spot.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Swat Valley


Skardu is popular for its incomparable icy peaks and glaciers. It is a doorway to the prodigious mountain peaks of Karakorum. Skardu is a great attraction for tourists as its peaks remains icy throughout the year.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Skardu

People prefer to stay in hotels of Skardu because of the tantalising sights of beautiful greenery scenes of Skardu. Shangrilla and Mashaborum attracts most of the holiday makers due to its mind-blowing architectures which gives people great picture of the valley.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Skardu resorts


Pakistan is a place which attracts tourists and vacationers from all over the world. Pakistan is a place of great exploration and natural splendour. Hunting, desert jeep expeditions, camel treks, fishing, mountaineering and hill walking are few activities which attracts the tourists to visit vacation spots of Pakistan. The country is a hot spot for people who wants to make their holidays memorable and relish their memories even after.

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