Best Place For Ads Placement on Website

Ads Placement:

The majority of bloggers،Who do not take advantage of the site’s traffic. Because, they learned only one lesson, Make website and earn money. They don’t focus on the other hand side. That’s why, they are always disappointed with their work. So, Don’t be worried, You need to optimize your site according to placement of ads. Means that, Getting the ads is not an achievement, Finest earning with their ads is the achievement of our hard-working. For the sake of finest earning, The ads placement on your site makes a big impact on consumers/user.

Think like a user itself, And analyze the website layout. That place, Where you can get more clicks. Choose that location and put your ads. But here is little bit problem will occur. Because publishers companies like AdSense emphasize on that location above the fold. Minimum One ad should be above the fold.

What is above the Fold?

When you open any website, So before going to scroll down, Above area known as above the fold and after scroll down, below area known as below the fold.

So above the fold ads have much worth instead of below the fold. Try to put minimum one ad above the fold.

Our Designed dynamic Heat map:

Google AdSense  is the popular and well reputed advertising network for advertisers and publishers. Google recommend that, Use ads above the fold and between the content. Google reveal his idea through heat map. See the below heat map and analyze the ads location inside post and above the comment box etc.

Heat map of Ads Placement

Above heat map shows that, You can put your first ads after title and before content body. Second ad should be inside of your post content. Third ad should before comment box. These three ads placement makes possible to maximum clicks on ads. You can put your ads in sidebar. I strongly recommend you, Don’t put more than three ads because user feel uncomfortable and Google also suggest three ads per page. You can customize your ads link, fonts, and specially use keywords for relevance ads. Read for better understanding, Google AdSense Heat Map Guide For Beginners.

We designed above heat map for your convenience. Therefore, Follow the heat map because we designed it according to advertisement rules and regulation. So don’t be panic to adopt it. For better organic traffic read 5 Things that will improve organic Seo. You can discuss your issues and ideas with us.

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