Best Payment Gateway For Online Shopping in Pakistan

As we know that online shopping is an emerging and best way but there are lots of troubles, if you are living in Pakistan. So unfortunately you can face many issues regarding online buy and selling products and services. This article will help maximum Pakistani folks to buy and selling on internet easily and all methods tested by us already. In this article,  we will reveal some empirical techniques about the best payment gateway for online shopping in Pakistan.

Payment Gateway For Online Shopping in Pakistan:

Buy and selling products is not an easy task in Pakistan due to bank restrictions. Pakistani banks do not allow you to utilize it their cards on internet so if you try then 99% chances that your transaction will be denied.

Almost bank give you suggestion to permit your credit card but there is drawback.

Before any transaction, you will active session of your credit card like if you want to use your card between 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM but accidentally you lost that session due to any reason then you will not be able to make this transaction in inactive session duration. That is too much headache or awkward when these kind of restriction happen. Let’s see the solution of these get rid out of these problems.

Payoneer MasterCard:

Most effective payment gateway on internet websites. Just you need to sign up on Payoneer website then they will send you their MasterCard then active your MasterCard and use it anywhere you like. I would suggest you to read How to Get Payoneer MasterCard with $25 Bonus if you are interested in this payment gateway. Payoneer MasterCard is allow in Pakistan and through this card you can send and receive payment globally without any restriction.

Best Payment Gateway For Online Shopping in Pakistan Payoneer

UBL Wiz Internet Card:

I heard this service from my friends mouth and from searching. If you are a Pakistani nationally holder and have a registered NIC then you have own UBL Wiz internet card. UBL (United Bank Limited) allows you to shop online on any website without active any session but there is a fee which will be charged on each successful transaction approx 350 PKR or can be more not less. You can charge your UBL Wiz card from any nearly UBL bank branch or can be possible from ATM machine through beneficiary account. Read more about UBL Wiz internet card and Wiz Reload.

Best Payment Gateway For Online Shopping in Pakistan UBL Wiz

SCB Visa Debit Card:

In Pakistan almost people’s are not aware about that SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) Visa debit card can be use online and it is better than all above ways. Because they do not charge any single paisa of any transaction no matter how many transaction you have been made in each day. Just you need to simply open an account in SCB then after receive their ATM card activate it and use it anywhere where you want to use it. Personally I’m using this payment gateway (SCB Visa Debit Card) and almost all websites allow this visa debit card. To open an account in SCB, visit any nearly branch to your resident then branch management will guide you better than others.

Best Payment Gateway For Online Shopping in Pakistan SCB Visa Debit

Keep remember that, you do not need to active any session for online usage, if you are using above payment gateway’s. I have another suggestion for readers, that few internet website’s do not accept UBL Internet Wiz card but SCB Visa debit card is accepted on all global websites. My recommendation goes for SCB Visa debit Card, because that is my personal choice and free of charges.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your future journey. If you like it then share with your friends to spread this valuable content to other’s. For more discussion or any help join on our community forum or can comment below.

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