Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome SEO Extensions:

As we know that, Google chrome have various extensions, which helps us to find out different kinds of analysis and strategies. Probably, you are using Google chrome Seo extensions but it is not limited. Google chrome have massive SEO extensions, which bring out sufficient Seo information.

Here we will show you, Best Google Chrome SEO extensions. These extensions help you in blogging journey and makes your task effortless. Let’s find out the finest Google Chrome Seo extensions.


SEOquake is an excellent toolbar for Seo prospective. It has a complete list of Seo parameters include Google PageRank, Google Index, Yahoo links, Yahoo link domain, Bing index and Alexa rank. If you have this extension then you might easily get competitor’s site ranking details and can comparison. Webmaster and developers can avail this extension.

Google Chrome SEO Extensions

SEO SERP Workbench

SEO SERP Workbench is a unique Chrome app, which can determine multiple sites search engine positions at the same time. Even you can comparison keywords you and your competitor sites. An appropriate tool from Seo standpoint.

Google Chrome SEO Extensions


WooRank is a popular online Seo tool website, they have Google Chrome SEO extension to promote his platform. SEO & Website Analysis is the name of this distinctive extension, this extension provide deep SEO search, covering mobile usability and local ranking factors.

Google Chrome SEO Extensions

It also provide website boosting tips, and shows top priorities of website precisely. This tool also inspect other SEO elements such as Backlinks strength, PageRank, Web directories, social media appearance etc. Well reputed and well designed tool for web professionals.

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats is a most reliable and preferable SEO extension. It contains multiple tools. It can easily scan all website internal and external information like meta info, PageRank, indexed pages, Alexa rank and external backlinks.

Google Chrome SEO Extensions

You also can test or ping your homepage speed via this tool. Finally, 300K+ users are using this extension and availing benefits with it. You can be the next lucky one.

WebRank SEO

WebRank SEO is a popular and multi parameters provider extension. We personally use this extension in exclusive web projects. This extension equipped with multiples parameters including website rank, page indexed, website backlinks, social media presence, Alexa rank, web security elements and Geo location of website server.

Google Chrome SEO Extensions

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa is an analytical insight to benchmark, where you can find and compare different website ranks. Alexa provides website traffic data and gives an exclusive web rank on internet world. Alexa has its toolbar to measure site rank instantly, Alexa toolbar is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and other reputed browsers. Alexa determines site external links, local rank in specific country and global rank all over the world. Google Chrome SEO Extensions

Alexa never share his secret algorithm with anyone but it is works effectively. More than 3 Lac users are using and getting advantages with this web ranking tool.

What are the advantages of these extensions?

  • You can measure your site rank without any trouble and anytime in a single click.
  • You will be aware about your site current status.
  • You can analyze your website activities, because rank fluctuation depends on site activities.
  • You can examine your competitors keywords, web rank, search engine positions and external links strategies.

Useful Relevant Topics:

Hopefully, you will understand the actual point of view of these toolbar’s. Don’t overlook this opportunity, and you need to make your routine to check web rank with consistency. For more guidance, explain it below. 😉

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