Best Blogging Sites For College Students and Young Adults

Most often students from colleges and in young age want to make money online, which improve his future and make his future bright. That’s why they want to learn somewhere, where they gain something  interesting and unique knowledge, which build up his experience. On internet some trusted and best blogging sites are providing unique and authentic knowledge about, how a student can start making money online and these blogging sites are delivering his knowledge without paying any cost so you will not pay any single penny in return. Today, I’m going to reveal best blogging sites for college students and young adults. This stuff will be helpful for your student carrier.

Best Blogging Sites For College Students

We will talk about their respective owners start-up short stories and their journeys. These blogging sites have interesting stories behind itself , which will motivate and inspire you to get your destination with lot of struggle.

Best Blogging Sites For College Students:

I’m working professional blogger and online marketer since 2012, when I was a student and gain lot of fundamentals and algorithms from these blogging sites, Now I ‘m going to share my distinctive experience with you. You can review these best blogging sites and can enjoy his short stories, which will definitely motivate your perceptions.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post is an American news magazine, blogging website and founded by Arianna Huffington in May 2005. Huffington Post is known as world top news magazine and blogging website, they have multiple departments, one of them is blogging, where they write about SEO, Google, Small biz and computer apps, software and further technology stuff. If your English language level is fluent so it is a great place to boost or improve your experience. On Huffington Post, you can avail lot of authors experience and skills without spending any cost.


TechCrunch is an American latest technology news website founded by Michael Arrington in 11 June 2005. Michael Arrington take start up his blogging journey with TechCrunch at home and was writing about technology companies and tech article, review, news etc. Numerous contributors and authors share his experience and skills on TechCrunch to promote his business skills and for marketing purpose. TechCrunch is a great place to get latest technology new alerts without any hesitation.


Mashable is an American digital media website founded by Pete Cashmore in July 2005. Mashable is known as best blogging and technology publishing website in America. On Mashable , you will find articles related to all tech, gadgets, software, mobile applications and technology news etc. They have separate section on website about social media sites and latest news about social media sites fluctuations.


Life Hacker is an American technology based blog founded in 08 Sep 2004. Life Hacker is an interesting blog, where writer and contributors writing about computer hardware, software, gadgets, mobile application, web apps and tech news related stuff. Really amazing blog from ranking and knowledge perspective.


Copy Blogger is an American finest blog founded by Brian Clark and working since January 2006. Copy Blogger blog is considered as a free content marketing education platform. Copy Blogger have 160,000 unique customers, which are using copy blogger services and happy with it. On Copy Blogger, you will find articles relevant to SEO, WordPress, Business solutions, entrepreneurship, Social media, Google news and further blogging stuff. All education stuff is free for readers and visitors, you can get benefit with their place.


Amit Agarwal founded labnol blogging website in 2004, which is famous with the name of digital inspiration in India. Digital inspiration is an award wining blogging website, where they share technology stuff related to computer software, web applications, gadgets etc. Digital inspiration is known as India largest blogging website, Amit is known as the founder of India blogging revolution.


Harsh Agrawal founded ShoutMeLoud in 1st Dec 2008. ShoutMeLoud is known as India second highest ranking and award wining blogging site. On ShoutMeLoud, they write about making money online, WordPress, SEO, entrepreneurship, web hosting and further stuff related to technology. If you are a beginner so ShoutMeLoud is a finest place for your training.


Siraj Mahmood founded KnowledgeIDea in 15 June 2014. The actual reason to create this finest blogging community is spread knowledge as much possible for beginners and experts. KnowledgeIDea received 80,000+ incoming monthly visitors hits from multiple search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, MSN). On KnowledgeIDea, you will find educational based content articles and tutorials, which is related to SEO, WordPress, Social media marketing, Make money online, Google and further technology based software applications articles. Founder of KnowledgeIDea Siraj Mahmood saw this dream during his university time period, Now KnowledgeIDea is known as a largest educational based blogging portal on internet market.


AllTechBuzz is a another spectacular blogging platform from educational perspective. ImranUddin founded AllTechBuzz in 07 June 2012. Imran Uddin is known as a founder of AllTechBuzz and a professional blogger. On AllTechBuzz lot of contributor and authors publish his experience and valuable skills in the form of articles and tutorials. AllTechBuzz writing articles related to SEO, WordPress, Social Media, Mobile applications, softwares, review and further tech based stuff.


Abdul Wali founded OnlineUstaad in 03 Dec 2011. Abdul Wali is known as a full-time passionate and professional blogger, who loves to travel many countries as a dye heart passion. He also loves to share his ideas and skills with other’s through his blogging platform. Abdul Wali share SEO, WordPress, Social media, Web development and further blogging related stuff with his readers. Online Ustaad is a great place to earn and gain lot of knowledge for free.

Hopefully, above best blogging sites for college students and young adults will be helpful for your student career. Join these best blogging sites platform and try to adopt their professional style, hopefully you can be the next lucky one who will be in this list as a best and top blogger globally. For more discussion to enhance this topic and related to blogging journey for beginner students, you can join us via comment. 😉

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8 years ago

Thanks brother for sharing this great information. Also yours website is very nice and informative.

Naveed Ghaazi
7 years ago

Brother, What you shared are really good for students like me. Thanks!

7 years ago

Nice Post Siraj . I shall these blog help me a lot in future.