Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher Biography

Aristotle (Arstu) was an ancient Greek philosopher. Most of his theories have obsoleted. It was he, who increased several branches of knowledge.

Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher Biography
Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher

Aristotle putted great effect on Europe culture and knowledge, as much as, nobody put on the Europe culture.

Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher Biography:

Aristotle was a great philosopher who born (384 B.C) in Macedonian city of Stagira. Aristotle means “The best purpose”. His father name was Nicomachus,who was the doctor of royal family. His father interested in interpretation organs and zoology. His mother name was Phaestis, who died when Aristotle was little child. Aristotle had two siblings, whose names were”Arimneste” and “Arimnestus”.

Education life of Aristotle:

He got early education from his father. His father passed away when he was a child after the death of his father “Proxenus of Atarneus” became his guidance. When he turned 18, he moved “Athens” and joined the “Plato’s” academy.

Education life of Aristotle
Education life of Aristotle

He stayed 20 years in Athens, until Plato’s died and got the education to Plato’s. When Plato’s died his age was 37. After the death of Plato’s, his nephew Speusippus became the head of Plato’s academy. He left academy.

Aristotle And Alexander The Great:

Philip’s II of Macedon invited him to teaching his son in 343 B.C. Who became Alexander the Great after some time. He fixed head of royal academy. He told to Alexander that you are the king Greeks and Persian barbarians and you should treat them like an animals and plants. Alexander suggested to Aristotle that he should open his academy.

Aristotle Personal Life:

During the period of Hermias, who was the king of Asia minor he married his niece whose name was Pythias. She was the mother of his daughter, whose name was Pythias too.

Aristotle And Alexander The Great
Aristotle And Alexander The Great

He spent ten years with Pythias after her death he married with Herpyllis, who belonged to Stagira. She the mother of his son, whose name was Nicomachus.

Aristotle Academy:

In 335 B.C, Aristotle moved to Athens and established his academy, which name was Lyceum. He worked in twelve years. In this academy, he studied and teach to many students and they did experiment on science and they researched about the different subject.

Aristotle Academy
Aristotle Academy

He wrote many subjects like Physics, Poetry, Biology, Zoology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Western philosophy etc. He wrote many books. He researched on numerous things about the knowledge, but unfortunately, most of his research had wasted and that is not exist in his real form. Which saved that are meaningful for humanity.

Aristotle Books:

Aristotle wrote numerous books, in which of some books names are:

  1. Nicomachean Ethics he wrote this book in 350 B.C
  2. Politics
  3. Poetics  wrote in 355 B.C
  4. Metaphysics, Rhetoric
  5. On the soul
  6. Parts of animals
  7. History of animals
  8. Constitution of the Athenians
  9. Organon
  10. Posterior Analytics
  11. De interpretation
  12. On Generation and Corruption wrote in 300 B.C.
  13. Eudemian Ethics
  14. Meteorology
  15. Prior Analytics
  16. Corpus Aristotlelicum
  17. On the Generation of Animals wrote in 350 B.c etc.
Aristotle Books
Aristotle Books

Poet In View Of Aristotle:

Poet makes special to general condition and events. He makes acceptable to all by create the collective color in his individual status. In his view, poet finds the truth of world like philosopher. Different is that, he has many words for saying.


Poetics is the book of Aristotle, who wrote in 355 B.c. In this book, Aristotle talked about the kinds of poetry, original poetry, nature and principle of tragedy. He presented universal theory of poetry. Human does cognition of any item through his sense and every item exists ideal transmuting, but transmuting has incomplete expression  by this item. This transmuting affects in the sensory format on the artist mind. He try to express his condition.

Aristotle Quotes:

Aristotle was great Greek philosopher. His quotes are simple, but meaningful for to all.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

He thought that, this is depend on us that how we can feel happy. Because in this world everyone has pain, but pain and happiness is the part of this world. we have to be faced numerous tragedy in this world. On the other hand, we can say that tragedy and pain is the main part of our life and nobody empty to them. So, we should live happy.

Hope is a waking dream

Aristotle thought that, we should always hopeful. Because hope is a waking dream. In simple words we can say that. hope is necessary for life because if we have no hopes so, we can lose interest in life.

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet

We know simply, education is essential for anyone. We cannot overlook the significance of education. Education is essential for the development of the nation.We know that, this is not essay but to make place in this world we have to work hard and the fruit would be sweet

Aristotle Death:

Aristotle died in 322 B.C in the Chalcis. He died because of gastrointestinal disorders caused. When he died his age 63. He buried near the grave of her first wife. He spent the last moment of his with his second wife Herpyllis.

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