Apple Agrees to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

Apple is an American organization. It has its head office in California. Almost anyone, who has even a wee bit of knowledge about information and technology than he or she would be definitely mindful of Apple. Basically, it is a technology-based organization that deals with computer software and consumer electronics etc. Among its fine line of electronic products one with which consumers often identified itself, is iPhone handset. Since the inception of iPhone almost a decade ago, Apple has been a part of several controversies however, one that has been most impactful in recent past is the battery-gate scandal. A name that has been adopted over internet when apple was accused to throttle the older iPhone model to save battery life.

Apple Agreed to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter .

Batterygate Issue

Batterygate controversy initially emerged at the end of 2016. When it was found that iPhone handset unexpectedly started to shut down during the update of its operating system. Especially when its battery reaches 30%. Accordingly, in the last month of 2016. Apple started to look into the matter.  Subsequently, in February 2017 apple reported it is able to reduce the unanticipated shutdowns for 6S and iPhones employing 10.2.1 iOS. However, in late 2017. When a developer revealed benchmark evidence. Which showed that it was an intentional effort on the part of Apple to slow down the operating system of older versions of iPhone to promote the sales of new models of iPhone. This allegation was later accepted by Apple. So in order to compensate this intentional control over operating system. Apple later in 2018 offered a battery replacement for particular models of iPhone at discounted rates.

Apple Agrees to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

Slowing down a consumer’s iPhone through update was found to be a breach of an implied contract between iPhone consumer and Apple Incorporation. Therefore, Apple Incorporation was sued by several of its consumers for breaching the contract during 2017 and 2018. So after the prosecution of two years last week court has given its verdict and now Apple has given its consent to pay $500 million to settle the case of batterygate. However, Apple didn’t accept any wrongdoing from its part. In fact, as per the court document the Apple has agreed to pay $500 million just to avoid the lengthy and cost consuming battel with its consumers.

Settlement Details

As per a report anyone in the USA. Who used or still owns iPhone. Namely, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus or employing iOS 10.2.1 or even later version. Moreover, owner of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Who are employing 11.2 or later would be eligible for benefits from Apple Incorporation for the settlement of the case. So such consumers could be compensated by Apple Incorporation with an amount of $25. However, this amount is dependent on number of claims approved. Notably, the names who were actually part of this case against Apple Incorporation expected to get $3500 at max. Whereas, the attorney who was actively involved in this case would get 30% of the settlement amount which is $90 million.

Apple Agreed to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

In the end, it could be said that Corporations almost always exist to improve their profit. So in order to be lucrative, they intentionally consume the rights of its consumers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that there should be consumer consortiums. Who could safeguard the rights of consumers and most of them are often unaware of technical aspects of products.

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