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Top 10 Android Games of All Time

As we and you know that almost android user’s likes to play games on his android phones. Personally I played many games on my android

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Top Ten Free Games for Your Android Phone

Nothing is free . A common phrase. We often here in our routine life. However, it is not fully true. There are several things you can get for free. One such thing is android games. Some games will not cost you a single dime to install. These free games are

Step By Step Guide to Download PDF Adobe Reader on Your Android Phone

In this era of information and technology time is of utmost value for everyone especially, for professional and academicians who are actively indulge in activities like, viewing and annotating PDF. This require their gadgets (e.g., phone and laptop) to entail several types of software and one such software that meets

Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification

I bought Sony Xperia z5 2 weeks ago in a reasonable price from Lahore Market (Hafeez Center). Usually, Sony Xperia z5 has very nominal market in Lahore due to no physical presence of any distributor in Lahore city. That is first time experience for me to checkout Xperia device deeply

Android Nougat, What Google Changed?

What is Android Nougat? Latest release of android is its 7th version, Android Nougat. Its first beta release was made in March, 2016 for the developers testing purpose and Nexus devices are the first devices to receive its update with its official release in August 2016. It is a major

5 Signs That The App For Your Business Has Failed

Apps are and will continue to be incredibly popular. According to surveys conducted by Statista, as of 2015, there were 1.6 million apps available to users on Android alone. The second largest app store being Apple’s with 1.5 million apps. Studies have also shown that with so much choice users

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps

Android  is a fast growing and emerging OS for smartphones. As we know that Android has million of apps and each app is utilizing for particular purpose. In which near around 40% apps available for Entertainment segment. Today in this article we will reveal top 10 Android entertainment apps with

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications

As we familiar with that Android is now being popular in the emerging world. Android is also considered as number one OS due to his compatibility and also from developers perspective. Come back to this topic about top 10 most downloaded Android applications. we will not approach this article for games

Top 10 Android Games of All Time

As we and you know that almost android user’s likes to play games on his android phones. Personally I played many games on my android smartphone so far in my spare time, which is good for mental comfort. These one’s games will never feel you bore and will make your

Top 10 Android Benefits for Small Business Owners

Android now become the soul of smartphones due to their excessive advantage. Nowadays Android benefits are grabbing every next user attraction. Remember PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)! They were primarily introduced for professionals but with the introduction of smartphones, those devices became obsolete and smartphones became a commonplace. One of the major reasons

Download and Install Android Emulator for PC

Android Emulator for PC: Android SDK (Software Development Kit) have a virtual mobile device, which runs on personal computer (PC) is known as Android emulator for PC. Android emulator is used to develop and test the mobile applications without using physical mobile device. It also contains developers tools to develop