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Updated Operating System, A Must Requirement for WahtsApp Users

Android phone users. Who are using an outdated operating system. Now they are no more allowed to use the service of WhatsApp and even other applications owned by Facebook. As, it was stated by officials of Facebook that it is our key goal to make sure. All Facebook-owned applications should

Coronavirus Might Affect the Production of iPhone-9

Until now, Coronavirus has affected several countries of the world and China is suffering the most. The panorama of adverse aftermaths of this virus could be huge. It is expected to impact several industries or sectors that have their prime functional units in China. The manufacturing sector is anticipated to

Conceivable Aftermaths of Excessive Mobile Usage

In this age of information and technology. The use of technology is so pervasive in our daily life that we cannot even imagine a life without it. Why we shouldn’t use it? When it assists us in performing several routine tasks in a more efficient way than before. For example,

Why to Use Near Field Communication Technology in Mobile?

Steadily technology is evolving and it is making our routine life activities much easier than it was before. One such a technology is near field communication which is easily accessible to most mobile phone users. With help of near field communication technology secure and instant transactions. Such as, booking movie

Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

Samsung is a South Koren company. It is world’s chief producer of electronic devices. Basically, Samsung is specialized in production of multiple devices for consumers and industry. Samsung’s offerings incorporates appliance, cell phone, digital media instruments and memory chips etc. Cell phone Industry is one where Samsung is operating as

Top Ten Free Games for Your Android Phone

Nothing is free . A common phrase. We often here in our routine life. However, it is not fully true. There are several things you can get for free. One such thing is android games. Some games will not cost you a single dime to install. These free games are

Step By Step Guide to Download PDF Adobe Reader on Your Android Phone

In this era of information and technology time is of utmost value for everyone especially, for professional and academicians who are actively indulge in activities like, viewing and annotating PDF. This require their gadgets (e.g., phone and laptop) to entail several types of software and one such software that meets

Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification

I bought Sony Xperia z5 2 weeks ago in a reasonable price from Lahore Market (Hafeez Center). Usually, Sony Xperia z5 has very nominal market in Lahore due to no physical presence of any distributor in Lahore city. That is first time experience for me to checkout Xperia device deeply