Why Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Almost new bloggers get this message “NO DATA” on Alexa site or Alexa widget. There are numerous reasons behind Alexa message for site “No Data”. Almost initially created website have got this message and they feel angry. Because no one bloggers and website owners wants that, Their website is fallen into the ditch. Newbies always have hundreds of ambitions for progress about his site.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Alexa is just see’s your website strategy and Seo (Search Engine Optimization). So, doesn’t means that, Alex is giving you punishment. Alexa follows search engines algorithms and analyze your site activities.

My Story with Alexa message No Data:

I started my carrier with knowledge idea as an online entrepreneur. Initially months, I have 19 thousand rank in my country. By and by with my daily activities without any holiday, I got 15 thousand rank with in 4 days. Actually it’s was the great achievement for my struggle.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

After few days an idea came into my mind. The idea was that, I already done lot of stuff on my site, Now I want holidays for few days. That was my fault and We also saw the reaction of inactive duration. After 3 days, I came back on work and shocked. Because Alexa showing No data message for my site.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Before inactive duration my ranking was 15 thousand and after came back on work ranking is No data. I checked my Analytics reports, Traffic was low same as ranking and now that was the penalty for me.

What is the Solution of No data ?

human beings always learn from mistakes. After this crash with me. I learned that, Always keep active yourself on site and daily update your website. As we mentioned above that, Seo is also a part of ranking. Therefore, You must care about your site on page Seo and off page Seo. I beat the No data message with in next five days and obtained rank back on 13 thousand with active duration. That’s means, Alexa consider your site daily activities like how much post you published today and how much your website created backlinks today etc. Increase your site backlinks on everyday because it will keep update your Alexa rank. Write minimum 2 post/article on daily basis. Then after few days, at the same place on No data, rank will be appearing and your smile too 🙂

We Concluded that, beware with inactive duration. Because if you are a newbie so that is the time to work not for holidays. Time is a valuable thing, Which is passed by as a pendulum swing. If you are facing with further kinds of error with your site then you can discuss in comment box.

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