Google Adwords Keyword Tool Planner Usage Guidance

AdWords Keyword Tool:

Keyword research is an appropriate art of Organic Seo. AdWord keyword tool is a finest keyword planner. Hopefully,You already familiar with Search engine optimization and its ranking factors. Keyword is also a part/factor of Seo. AdWords keyword tool is the product of Google similar Google Analytics. In other words, Google determine the world specific keywords searches and resultant count the popularity of particular keyword then stored into in AdWords library, It is just an imagination of AdWord infrastructure.

Google facilitate his users with flexible AdWords option such as, Country to country targeting, Negative keywords, Specific search engine selection and further so on. Google doesn’t consider and count his own search results of keywords, It is also determine his partners searches. In 2013 stating, Google Marge the keywords planner tool inside AdWords accounts. Before, This tool was used individually and not connected to AdWords.

Actually AdWords is basically used for adverting purpose but Google accumulates the various features in it. Most of blogger confused about that, how they choose the best keyword for his blog. So, Question are many and infinite but answer is only one “AdWords Keyword Tool“. AdWords Keyword tool have numerous features and qualities in the perspective of Seo & Efficient blogger. I will reveal that, How you can utilize it and avail benefit from it.

How to Use AdWord Keyword Tool:

Usage of keywords is always include in first preference. Until, We select or choose our articles on keywords strength basis. The reason is that, Search engine understand the voice of keywords such as computer understand the binary digits 0 & 1. So, keywords is playing important role to consolidate our article Seo.

Let’s come back on topic, and express the usage of AdWords keyword tool. You simply need a Gmail account to get access on AdWords account also keywords tool. Next after, get access on it. Go to AdWord Dashboard >> Tools >> Keyword Planer. Now you are on the right way, At that place, You will find various filters on left sidebar and upper front side a plain keywords search box and further more. Simply search any keyword like “Information technology” etc. Then resultant, It returns Global/Local monthly searches with measured competition level and also CPC or suggested bid rates. See the below image to understand the entire procedure.

Adwords Keyword Tool Planner

Above image is the whole procedure of AdWords keywords tools. We already marked the prominent places for your understanding. First is entrance path inside this tool and secondly is search the particular keyword box. Slightly ahead, third is the result or output of the given keywords query including monthly searches (Global,Local), Keywords competition level on the internet finally is CPC rates means that, a specific suggested bid rate for this keyword. Further optimized filter tools are available there to refine your keywords searches.

AdWords keyword tool is not a complicated gadget, It is interesting if you understand its criteria. Eventually, We described the whole scenario of this tool in a single image. We personally utilizing it and trying to get benefit from it. We will suggest you, Always choose low competition keywords because it is easy to get efficient rank on low keywords instead of high keywords in the search engines. Other thing is that, Choose the maximum bids/CPC keywords because it will increase the AdSense revenue.

Let me know, If you have better one ideas and techniques to get and choose finest keywords then share with us. You can submit your homework/task/ideas/skills with us, We love to listen it then share or publish in our community. Hopefully, You understand the AdWords elements and techniques of keywords selection. Further assistant or query, alarm me through comment. 😉

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