KnowledgeIDea is a tech based educational platform since June 2014 by Siraj Mahmood. On this platform numerous contributors and authors write their articles, reviews, post training program, useful videos and much more. Actual purpose is to create this community is to provide 100% original and authentic data by his author and admins. KnowledgeIDea attain his goals and motives day by day.

KnowledgeIDea say welcome to every coming advertiser, who are interested to advertise with us. Our prices are competitive and reasonable from advertising markets.

Website Status:

We are receiving 2000+ page views daily on KnowledgeIDea.

55K+ page views monthly with 1:24 average session duration.

1000+ active subscribers, which are receiving our daily and weekly newsletters.

85% New visitors and 15% returning visitors visit this website.

Website Acquisition Overview:

75.4% of our web visitors are coming from organic searches from Google, Bing, Ask. 21.3% visitors direct web users and 2.9 referrals.

Analytics Acquisition Overview Chart

Website Traffic Geo Locations:

Almost traffic come from India, Pakistan and United States.

Countries Percentage
India 42%
Pakistan 11%
United States 10%
Malaysia 5%
Philippines 4.90%
Netherlands 3%
Bangladesh 2%

Website Ad Slots For Sale:

Ad Location  Fixed Price
Top Header Banner  (728×90) $100
Website Sidebar Ad unit (300×600 Single, 300×250 Double $100
Before Post Content Ad Unit (728×90) $100
After Post Content Ad Unit (728×90) $70
After Header Sponsored Link -> *Details $80

Sponsored Post: (What we are offering in it)

Yes, we are offering or allowing sponsored post on our website to our community readers. Read below that, what we are offering in sponsored post.

  • You can stick 1 or 2 backlinks in a single sponsored post.
  • Link will be 100% Do-Follow.
  • We will share your article/sponsored post among our fans and followers (Estimated 3000+).
  • We will send your sponsored post to our 1000+ email subscribers.

Contact us for pricing, details and queries about sponsored post.

Ad Location Preview:

FAQ For Advertisers:

Frequently Asked Question will be helpful and will increase your potential for advertising with us.

Q: What Kind of Advertising We are Offering?

Ans: Banners, Website Reviews, Sponsored Post, Contextual Links in sidebar and footers.

Q: How much time period for we are charging?

Ans: Our ads price are fixed for monthly basis.

Q: What kinds of advertisement are not allowed?

Ans: Unethical and adult websites advertisement are strictly prohibited on our website.

Q: What kind of sponsored post are not allowed?

Ans: Unethical, adult and gambling sponsored post will not be accepted at any cost.

Q: Are we providing 100% do-follow backlink in sponsored post?

Ans: Yes, we are providing do-follow backlink.

Q: Is there any discount on multiple ad units?

Ans: Yes, if you are planning long-term advertisement with us on multiple ad slots. (Contact us for discount queries).

Q: What Payment Method We are Accepting?

Ans: PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer. (Contact us for PayPal & bank details)

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