Absolute Seo Guide in 2014

Seo Guide in 2014:

we always guided in the earlier tutorials and articles about SEO strategies. Search Engine optimization slightly update his algorithms in 2014. Algorithms is set of methods and techniques, Which are valuable during giving rank to your site. In 2014 SEO algorithms is little bit change in the contrast of 2013. SEO industry now taken turn in 2014. Now we revealing the finest methods associated with new Seo trends. Seo guide in 2014 and its trends, We accumulate this course for our visitors. Look at the following course outlines,

Keyword Density & Strength:

Keywords density and keywords research makes Seo optimized content. Keywords research & density were important in 2013 and Still again crucial  in 2014. Target/putting chosen and specified keywords inside heading,titles and also in content body. Keywords must be relevant with your content. Search Engines estimate or analyze the keywords density inside an article. Must utilize your target keywords in the first paragraph and continuously repeat this keyword 6 plus times in an article.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 1

Title consist on chosen keywords and must should be descriptive. Internal link inside your content with other relevant articles. Internal links could be the cause of more page views. So , Establish internal links because it will create interest for readers.

Google Plus Profile:

Usually majority of bloggers and site owners don’t pay attention on it. They just do post on Google+ pages and profile for the sake of traffic. Therefore, They don’t pay attention on other manifest factors. Actually, Recently in (28 August 2014) Google stop showing authorship in search results. That’s means Google authorship no longer supported but it’s not all about authorship. There are numbers of essential factors, Which still working and playing an important role in site ranking. Yes, I’m talking about manifest factors like about and links section on Google plus profile page, to insert and fulfill these sections with your company and brand information. For the sake of high PR (Page Rank) backlinks, We allow and recommend to insert your site/blog links in Google Links section under about tab. See the below image ,

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 2

Above image express the Google Plus importance. Because if your visitors clicks on these links during seeing your Google plus profile or pages. So, this click would be considered as a 9 PR strong backlink. Now you can imagine that, 9 PR clicks easily rank your site in search engines. So decorate or design your Google plus profile or pages in positive manner and according to visitor perspective. You can also check arrangements of links on your page or profile in the above image. Write an attractive and effective Story or introduction of your company or blog on Google plus profile or pages to putting impact on your users. Don’t forget to write tagline, Tagline also necessary because it’s represents your brand for others. With the passage of times, Change the Google plus profile or pages cover photo or profile photos because it’s creates harmony in users that page is active and serving to users.

On Page Seo Factors:

On Page Seo is like a own room settings. In on page Seo, XML Sitemap creation for search engine, Robots.txt file for search engines bots and specially content optimization included in it. Sitemap and robots.txt file is most important task for each blogger. Because , when search engines crawlers comes on your site. Before proceeding, it searches the robots.txt file and follow the robots file instruction. So, Its our first preference or responsibility to create both of them (Sitemap & robots.txt) and submit to search engines. Other side, Content optimization contains numerous elements like content length (minimum 300-400), keywords targeting & density, image optimization inside article and interlink with relevance articles. Permalinks (Friendly URL) is also part of on Page Seo.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 3

Meta-titles and Meta-description is necessary because it shows in search results. Search engines check the title and description relevancy then meet this query with the search users query, if both criteria match with each other then display it in output. Other hundreds of algorithms are works during this searches procedure, I’m not going in-depth. But both meta tags are essentially need for finest published article.

Responsive Website:

During construct the website design, It is crucial to make the design responsive. Responsive means, site should be mobile,tablet or desktop friendly. Some site designer don’t care it but this action putting impact on your user. In this era, Majority or 50% of user comes through mobile or tablets devices, So it is your responsibility to make own site responsive and get positive feedback’s.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 4

Mobile friendly site will increase your users and readers. Search engines also suggest responsive designs or themes. Almost website on internet found with fixed layout instead of responsive, So they are wasting his site traffic and don’t take advantage from it. Be professional and compete your competitors with enhance tools on your site.

Summarize the above techniques, will made you efficient Seo in 2014. Above all  is the prominent and necessary trends, Which is founds on often sites in 2014. I personally suggest you to read 5 things that will improve Organic Seo. If you have dispute still, So submit your queries through comment. 😉

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