77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense

Yesterday I made 77 USD dollars in my Google AdSense account with KnowledgeIDea advertisement. That was very honorable moment for me to achieve this lead. Behind this achievement, lots of day and night struggle with consistency. I personally want to share my ideas, how I did that because sharing increases humans knowledge instead of hoarding.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense

I have a proof of my AdSense account screenshot, actually i was much shocked because this was first time for me to seeing that incredible results in a single day.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense Proof

Second snapshot of this AdSense earning.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense Proof

77 USD dollars achievement have few secrets and tactics. Personally, I found few things which was become the reason of this wealthy income.

Behind every success some secrets are hidden. Here are few prominent things and aspects, which are considerable in this wealthy income.

Right Ads Placement:

According to the above report, 60% clicks made on top headers and above the fold ads. Which are highly paid by advertisers. Read about how to best placement Google AdSense ads. According to Google heat map, above the fold places are premium and their ads always have highest bidding on reputed sites.

Where Traffic Comes:

Most important factor to determine the CPC is, where you are getting traffic? Every country have particular CPC and value. Above 77 USD traffic statistics overview is that, 40% AUS, 10%US, 30% India, %7 Pakistan and further so on.

If you are getting traffic from well-known reputed countries such as US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and Netherlands etc, so these countries have great conversation value and their online presence is much robust than other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and so on. Geolocation 100% matter during determine CPC and bidding price. Learn List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries.

Our concept is not about which country is inferior or superior, here actual agenda is what countries have strong presence or their user has interest. Let suppose, online shopping can be the new action for India and Pakistan but in US and UK it is daily routine task and people trust and like to purchasing items online stores instead of department stores. These things put impact on users interest and also on whose companies are running online business.

Organic VS Social:

From where your website receiving incoming traffic? Social sites, direct from search engine (Organic) and from referral sites. Organic traffic are rich and not easy to grab in a single day it sip your efforts. Unlike Facebook traffic is worthwhile because easy to grab due to user interest and referral sites also. Above 77 USD traffic comes from 65% Organic, 15% Referral sites, 15% Direct and 5% Social media sites.

There are so many other factors and algorithm involve in to determine the real CPC price, but above are most necessary and considerable from Seo perspective.

This achievement put the enthusiasm inside me to work more. If you like this story and successful bogging journey and have dreamed to become a millionaire so simply share this story nonstop. If you have any question and thoughts so you can join us on our community forum or can comment under this article.

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Shahid Laashary
8 years ago

Thank you so much Siraj bhai for sharing personal experience.