7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular Guide

Nowadays, majority of university or college students is taking interest in blogging. That’s why competition is increasing day by day. Every blogger wants to make his blog popular in search engine (e.g. Google) to become rich person. But beginners have no knowledge that which ways to make your blog popular quickly. So today I will share some ideas and tips, which will help you to make your blog popular or famous in search engine.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular:

Blogging is an incredible passion and a online professional job. We highlighted few and crucial tips and tricks, which will increase your website presence in search engine.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular Guide

1. Social Media Sharing:

Social media is working as a backbone of website. Through social media, you can convey your products/service/ideas to the million of peoples without any trouble. Social media fan pages (Business page) where you can introduce your company/website/public figure etc among million of people’s. No doubt, according to Seo social media now became a huge factor of search engine ranking.

2. Provide Unique Information:

You should have a reason that, why user visit your website. If you are providing unique content or information than your competitors so you can win this race easily. Mostly website or blog’s content or topic looks similar, which makes a bad image in our mind for that blog. You should need to offer something unique or free and better than others, which compelled your users to visit your website.

3. Provide User Friendly Content:

Some blog writers use difficult grammatical words while writing, which a beginner not able to read so user tries to get rid out of these blogs. Initially a person cannot read and understand BBC/CNN/New York time magazine articles quickly. So your writing behaviour and style should be user friendly, which a initial person understand it with ease.

4. Publish Only Relevant Information:

Almost initial blogger put irrelevant information, which has no relation with your blog for example: marketing strategies articles consist of web hosting information or links. So it is useful and good practice to provide only relevant and according to trend information.

5. Create Consistency:

As a professional blogger, it is your responsibility to do work with consistency. Daily post your article without putting gap in your regularity. Daily provide useful and beneficial articles to your users and try to entertain your users.

6. Website Format/Layout:

Blog format is considered as a huge factor of blog popularity. Blog format should be distinctive from others. Use eye catchy colors and prominent typography. Unique and attractive blogs format memorized in user mindand users always remember these blogs with better reputation. Thus, you can make your blog reputed in visitor mind.

7. Daily/Weekly Newsletter:

Newsletter is an important aspect of blogging and keeps your blog famous. Majority of initial person’s doesn’t care about daily weekly newsletter and they overlook its importance. Newsletter job is to convey your blog news, events, articles, tutorials at your user door step. Newsletter keeps update your user from your blog. So its a good practice to join Free Newsletter Service like MailChimp to update your blog visitors.

Above 7 tips will definitely help you to make your blog popular as much as possible. Must read the Ways to drive traffic to your website, this will help to generate pure legitimate traffic on your website. For more discussion, you can join us via comment.

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