7 Tips for Building Ecommerce Website

Whenever customers need to decide on any kind of purchase, they start by searching online. This is the first indication as to why an e-commerce website is required for any business setup. E-commerce websites can be used to sell digital or physical products, appointments or consultations, or intangibles making it a perfect and suitable solution for all kinds of business purpose. Today, we will talk about 7 tips for building ecommerce website.

7 Tips for Building Your First Ecommerce Website

The website acts as your very own showroom where users or customers can research for the desired product and find reasons for why the product is apt. Every person’s life is very hectic and what can be better than being able to shop things with the help of a click. Going by all the logistics, these reasons are enough to tempt a business owner to start planning how to build their own website.

Here are certain ideas which will help you take your first step!

1) Easy navigation:

Of course, your customer will not like a website that is quite complicated and poses a difficult interface to reach the desired product. If the appropriate information is provided in the correct place, it will make things easier for your customers. How can you do this?

  • Arrange the navigation-bar: Make navigation as easy for the customers as is possible, place the navigation bar strategically in a horizontal position or vertically, so that it is present all the time to help the customers out.

2) Product description:

This is the part that plays an important role in your website as much as everything else does. Since you cannot speak to your customers directly, you need to give them reasons why they should buy the product from your site, what can be better than providing them with an exclusive content.

  • Hone the content: Provide an image of the product and list a few bullet points to indicate why the product is worth being bought. Provide a more elaborate content giving description and specifications of the product after the customer scrolls down.

3) Product reviews:

This is what every e-commerce website is incorporating in every product section, so as to inform the customers about the experience that other customers have had with the product. What lies beyond this?

  • Good or Bad: Whenever you allow the customer to review the product, make sure there’s this button which helps the customer leave the comment they wish, if it is good or bad.
  • Further filter the review section in such a manner that all the comments in the favor of the product come on top and the ones against at the bottom. This will help customers vouch for the product instantly.

4) Visible Pricing:

The price of the product should be clearly visible for the customer to view. This will help the customer compare it with the other websites and decide on which one is a better buy. How can you enhance this further?

  • Clear-cut sale section: This section is extremely important to notify the users that there is an ongoing sale on your website, which will tempt them to look for the product on your website and avail better offers.

5) Order button:

The button prompts the customer to immediately take an action and invest in the product right away. Make sure that it is as visible as is the pricing of each product, which will help the customer to click and embark on a purchase.

  • Prominent shopping cart: As and when customers keep adding items to the cart by clicking on “order now” button, the shopping cart must be present there to notify the customers whenever they revisit the site about the items, they had planned to buy.

6) Optimized Search Module:

You need to give customers something that is quite handy to use and which will easily redirect them to a page where they can look for their desired products in a more advanced manner.

  • Omnipresent search-box: Make sure that a search box is ever-present on your site so that when customers scroll down, they do not have to keep coming back on the top to refine their search again.

7) Chat/Online Support:

A very effective medium to clear the doubt that any customer might have regarding the product is a chat widget. This will also keep the customer hooked to your website and also inform you of the potential customers that visit your site.

It is very obvious that you can add numerous features to your website to make it more appealing to the customers, but the above points are like the essentials of a bare e-commerce website that needs to be met.

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